Trip Along Exodus & Mirror Image + Q&A

A narrative from the Palestinian diaspora told through VHS, 8mm, 16mm, HD video, photographs and animation, Trip Along Exodus is Hind Shoufani‘s interpretation of her own father’s journey. From the Galilee in 1948 to Princeton in the ‘60s, and from Beirut in the ‘70s and to the current war in Syria, this is the story of a man who wrote over 25 books on politics and history, led the revolution in 1983 against Arafat, and who was a Revolutionary Council member and a military organiser for the Palestinians. A tribute to a dramatic life lived across several countries, both poetic and beautiful, yet harshly critical of the political developments in the Arab world.

Please note the change in the screening time for this film, which will now screen at 3.15pm, and not 3.40pm as originally advertised.

Tickets available from the Rich Mix website here.  

Israel | Dir: Danielle Schwartz | 11 min

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