EEFF is very excited to be launching the first of our screening events for 2019. In a regular monthly slot, London’s most unique and opulent venue – the once-deserted Masonic temple hidden in the walls of Andaz London Liverpool Street – will be taken over by the dark art of horror filmmaking. Horror is experiencing a real revival right now (although we like to think it never went away!) and to celebrate that, we’re screening a future classic, paired with a follow-up old-school icon, for monthly nights of chills and thrills. Welcome to TEMPLE CINEMA.

Our first collection is something of a family affair – we’re delighted to be kicking off with last year’s dread-drenched tale of domesticity in crisis, Ari Aster’s HEREDITARY. With the director’s new film ‘Midsommar’ on its way soon, it’s the perfect time to remind yourself of his first major play, and ‘Hereditary’ really is major. This tale of a family’s descent into darkness after bereavement befalls them is a truly terrifying experience, one that has rightly become an instant favourite of many of the genre’s fans (and features an immense central performance by Toni Collette). In our eyes, it’s the perfect way to begin our strand. Rounding up this first couplet is perhaps the most iconic portrayal of youthful occultism in cinema: Richard Donner’s THE OMENWealthy American diplomat Robert (Gregory Peck) adopts the troubled and distant Damien, but after the small boy joins the family, tragedy upon tragedy begins to afflict them. Could this young boy with those unsmiling eyes be the antichrist? Join us in the bowels of the antechamber to find out.


Hereditary (2018)


To follow that up, we’re getting a little crazy. The second of our team-ups begins with MANDY: Panos Cosmatos’s psychedelic fever dream of a movie, in which Nicolas Cage’s Red Miller reaps a bloody and frantic revenge on the LSD-fuelled cult that took away his one true love. An instant cult classic that was a surprise critical and commercial success last year, it’s a film that couldn’t be more suited to the gothic grandeur of the temple and the many clandestine secrets it holds. ‘Mandy’ is a visceral portrayal of one man’s delirious descent into psychosis, so what better pairing for it than Stanley Kubrick’s THE SHINING? Often held up as the greatest horror movie of all time, ‘The Shining’ has long been a cinematic icon, and for many the experience of walking around a hotel is forever tinted with the eery discomfort of the Overlook Hotel (so naturally, we’ve got the perfect venue). From its unbearably tense score to its visual flourishes and Kubrick’s notorious attention to detail, The Shining represents a significant milestone in horror filmmaking, and EEFF couldn’t be more excited to be presenting it as part of Temple Cinema 2019.



The Shining (1980)

And, of course, there’s the venue! Once sealed off and lost, Andaz London Liverpool Street’s Masonic Temple remains home to the secrets of The Freemasons who meet there, but now, it has become a temple to cinema, too. Now, in 2019, its lacquered thrones, marble columns, and golden zodiac-adorned ceiling, will echo with screams once again…


Temple Cinema runs from March 28th. Tickets are on sale now. Click here to find out more. ?

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