One Stop Film Shop


One Stop Film Shop is a special pop-up space hosted by the East End Film Festival and Little White Lies Magazine, one of the UK’s most respected film magazines. Located at Old Street Station in East London, the One Stop Film Shop will act as a hub for festival guests, cinephiles and Londoners to alight for free, bite-sized film taks, screenings and masterclasses with festival guests, the festival team, and LWL magazine.

These events will offer a combination of the democratising effects of technology on filmmaking, and how the use of mobile phone and social media are having an increasing impact on cinema, as well as more cinema-orientated events and talks. All of this is designed to appeal to both a specialist and non-specialist audience, offering both practical and artistic insight into the world of film.


Weekdays 8am-8pm
Saturday 11am-4pm



1.15 pm – Meet the Team
A great opportunity to meet the brains behind the East End Film Festival and Little White Lies. The producers, directors, editors, and programmers of EEFF and LWL will discuss the challenges of curating a film festival and running a film magazine. A perfect chance to find out about all the amazing activities that EEFF has organised for you this year.

6.00 pm – Ray Panthaki presents last year’s UK Short Film Award winner ‘Life Sentence’
London-born actor Ray Panthaki presents his first foray into writing and directing. ‘Life Sentence’ sees two schoolboys’ paths cross one night in London. The film is loosely inspired by events affecting Panthaki’s own life.


1.15 pm – Jonathan Wakeham presents The Zucker Brothers on Comedy
Jonathan Wakeham, the co-founder and programmer of LoCo Film Festival presents The Zucker Brothers on Comedy. On 28 November 2010 Leslie Neilsen died in Los Angeles. Two weeks later David and Jerry Zucker, the writer-directors of Airplane! and The Naked Gun series came to London for LOCO’s 30th Anniversary screening of Airplane! We interviewed them in their hotel room about their memories of Leslie Nielsen, their secret Rules of Comedy and whether or not they like movies about gladiators.

6.00 pm – A special screening of the best short films from LoCo Film Festival 2014


1.15 pm – Malcolm Pope discusses how you can successfully distribute your short film online.
As a creator of short film you often have to take care of the marketing and distribution of the film yourself. There are great opportunities for short films in the online space, but without proper strategy and marketing most films fail to find their audience and get lost in the online clutter meaning lost opportunities for revenue and exposure. Malcolm Pope, head of content at Fliqio, a new premium mobile VOD platform for quality short films introduces their series of blog articles on the subject and discusses how you can capitalise on the growing online opportunities.

6.00 pm – Robert Pratten talks about building an audience for your movie or web series
This talk from Robert Pratten, the CEO and Founder of Transmedia Storyteller Ltd, gives several key examples of how to use interactive technology and transmedia storytelling to engage audiences when they can’t watch your video content (e.g. because its not released yet!). It will introduce a new technology called Conducttr which allows anyone – especially those who don’t code – to create immersive experiences around the world of the movie or web series on social media, email, mobile, online and offline.

6.30 pm – Andy Spooner on how short filmmakers can profit from their films
Andy Spooner is a co-founder of Short Films 4U, a distributor of short films and short series. A veteran technologist with over twenty-five years in the industry, Andy was an executive at Goldman Sachs, and has worked extensively in Europe, North America and South Africa.​ In this session Andy will look at how short format filmmakers can monetise content, specifically looking at the platform Short Films 4 U and how SF4U will work with filmmakers to provide a much needed revenue stream.


1.15 pm – Chris Stone on how to make a film on your mobile phone
Mobile phones nowadays offer opportunities to aspiring filmmakers that in the past were almost unimaginable. Chris Stone, a video journalist and documentary filmmaker for The Daily Telegraph, will demonstrate how easy it is for everyone interested in creating a short film or video to realise their ideas by filming on smartphones.

6.00 pm – Tate Tancred introduces The Smalls Community
Tate Tancred will introduce you to The Smalls filmmaker platform. The Smalls put the spotlight on great short films and give filmmakers the tools to create, share, and connect.

Screening, networking
and special guest

1.30 pm – A special screening of the ‘My London Film’ competition Top 15 videos

2.30 pm – In conversation with Ron Perlman
The iconic actor and Golden Globe award winner Ron Perlman, known for his roles in Hellboy and Sons of Anarchy, will participate in a conversation with the Little White Lies team.

More discussions and screenings to be announced.
Stay tuned.

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