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Mind the Gap!  

or How to make it as a filmmaker beyond your first feature. 


It may feel like you’re on shifting sands out there, but these 3 days of talks, workshops and events are designed to give every insight, top tip and wise word possible to anyone hoping to make a career in feature films. They’re also designed with room for you to make your voice heard, to learn from your peers as well as Industry icons, and to really reinvigorate your game plan!  Too many first time feature filmmakers never make a second film – let’s change that!

Whether you’re crossing over from shorts to features, television to film, debut to slate, EEFF’s panels, interviews, workshops and networking events will provide the roadmap that every filmmaker needs to avoid the pitfalls on the route to success.

Passholders also benefit from: 2 months FREE membership to, a FREE copy of The Knowledge, pitching opportunities, speed mentoring, 30 minutes with… sessions and discounted access to some of the festival’s top events. 

Places are limited so BOOK NOW!

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Penny Woolcock (director, One Mile Away), Johanna von Fischer (Head of BIFA), Joe Dunthorne (Author, Submarine), Nick Gonda (producer Tree of Life, CEO TUGG), Fiona Neilson (producer, 24 Hour Party People)Marc Isaacs (documentary director), Rob Savage (director), Peter Straughan (screenwriter, The Men Who Stare at Goats and Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy), Alex Boden (producer, Cloud Atlas), Matt Harlock (director, The Bill Hicks Story)

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How much?:

1 DAY PASS: £35  |  3 DAY PASS: £90 [both passes include lunch + daily extras]

What else do I get?:

Discounted entry to EMERGEA Field in England + Q&A, EAST END LIVE, plus 2 months FREE membership to, pitching opportunities and… lunch each day!


3, 4, 5 July 2013

registration 9:30am – 10am


3, 4 July 2013 at The Attic, Hackney Picturehouse, 270 Mare Street E8 1HE  |  5 July at 3 Mills Studios, Sugar House Lane, E15 2QS

Why aren’t I coming?:

You are.  See you there.

BOOK NOW to secure your place.  Numbers are limited.

DAY 1  

3 July  |  The Attic, Hackney Picturehouse

Stop! Evaluate and listen

This first day of the programme is designed to encourage filmmakers to stop, breathe and look at how far they’ve come – something we don’t take time to do often enough.  These sessions will enable you to look at where you’ve been, what you’ve learned, where your skills are today and where they need to be tomorrow… Now, with this reevaluated version of yourself, and looking ahead with confidence, we can help you prepare for the next steps in your career.


10:30am – 11:30am

Key experts across varying strands of the film industry debate ‘the gap’.What can we, as an industry, do to support filmmakers heading for a career transition, and what do filmmakers really need to know – even before they pick up a camera – to avoid falling off the edge.

Speakers: Chris Collins (BFI)| Johanna von Fischer (BIFA) | Penny Woolcock (director, One Mile Away)

shorts to features

with Let’s Keep It Short

11:45am – 1:15pm

A panel of filmmakers will discuss that crazy journey from short to feature film. During this session they will discuss what changes and what stays the same, as well as delving into issues with casting, scripting and that all important word, funding.

Speakers: Rob Savage | Martina Amati | Anthony Wilcox | Tom Geoffrey




3:15pm – 4:15pm

Whether you’re a musician, a filmmaker or an artist, the same obstacles apply when you leave your passion project behind and start putting a business head onto creative shoulders.

From the difficulties in letting go of the freedom and creative control you enjoy as an unknown, or in dealing with the multiple ‘interested parties’ who move in with your success, creative careers are challenging.

Speakers: Joe Dunthorne (Author Submarine) | Matt Harlock (director The Bill Hicks Story) | and more guests tbc


with Creative Skillset and Crossover Labs

4:30pm – 5:30pm (TBC)

Participants divide into two groups (documentary and fiction) to work with facilitators Emily Man, Creative Skillset and Mark Atkin, Crossoverlabs and identify their core strengths in an industry where many filmmakers find themselves doing everything. These workshops will outline how crews change as your career progresses – particularly in the jump from first to second film, and how and where to position yourself most strongly within them.


discounted access with your industry pass

Emerge is an immersive live event featuring talks, interactive installations and screenings by forward thinking  filmmakers, technologists, industry experts and audiovisual artists, introduced by Academy Award nominated director, writer and musician,  Mike Figgis.


By the end of the day, participants will know more clearly who they are today as filmmakers. They will recognise their strengths and their opportunities, and will be able to redefine themselves accordingly as they move forward onto bigger projects.



4 July  |  The Attic, Hackney Picturehouse

Your place on the horizon.

Leading on from Day 1, our programme shifts into future thinking.  We know where you’ve been, but where are you going, and how the hell do you get there, and who on earth is going to pay for it?  We’ll take you through some key steps on the journey… 


with Film Four / Marc Isaacs

10:30am – 11:45am

Participants divide into two groups – factual or fiction:

a) Narrative film development with Film 4: As your career progresses, chances are more people are going to want to see your work from the early stages, which can be challenging. Sue Breen from Film 4 demonstrates why industry assistance can be invaluable in this hands-on workshop in script and story development.


b) Documentary film development with Marc Isaacs: Mark will talk candidly about his career as one of Britain’s leading documentary makers. Marc will relate the highs, lows and transition points of his own career, embedding his learning in the landscape of today’s doc-world.


12:15am – 1:15pm

Nowadays it seems that although there is ‘less money around’, there are more ways to access it. But what’s best for you at this stage of your career: crowd-funding, EIS schemes, public money, branded content, or something else? Funders, producers and directors discuss what approaches work where, and how to secure finance for your film.

Speakers: Alex Boden (UK producer, Cloud Atlas) | Fiona Neilson (producer, 24 Hour Party People) | and more tbc



with the British Council

2pm – 3pm

Film festivals are often the first opportunities for your early films to find their audience, their champions and potentially distribution. But once you’ve done the rounds once, how do you play the circuit to your advantage? Rachel Robey of the British Council talks us through potential festival strategies and how to make sure you maximise international opportunities as your career develops.


and finding your audience

3:15pm – 4:15pm

Distribution channels have diversified enormously with the advent of digital, but have the tenets of distributability changed? What do audiences really want to see and how do filmmakers find their audiences successfully?

Speakers: Nick Gonda (CEO,TUGG) | Jamie King (CEO,Vodo)| RachelWoodward (Head of Distribution, Soda Pictures) | Oli Harbottle (Head of Distribution, Dogwoof)


or how to make your first feature work towards your second (and your thirds and…)

4:15pm – 5:15pm

Successful filmmaking is often about identifying your area of expertise and building a career incrementally over a number of projects.The LOCO London Comedy Film Festival team are joined by expert guests to discuss the best ways to build a long-term film-making career.


By the end of the day, participants will have the tools to create a well-rounded, attractive, audience-friendly, distributable slate of work.  A core goal will be to feel confident in knowing your audience and how to reach them, as well as that all important question of funding.




5 July  |  3 Mills Studios

Short term actions for long term success: 

Whether you’re a director, producer, editor, make-up artist, lighting technician etc., life can still get in the way of our art! These sessions will articulate best practices for creative practitioners and freelancers when it comes to business planning, cashflow management, social media, networking and so on.

Morning sessions

Participants will be divided into groups for some more intimate workshops, closely examining the working life of those of us lucky enough to work in the film industry. Each group will be stationed within the studio complex, and the experts will rotate, spending 40 minutes with each group.

business planning for creatives

This workshop will offer empathetic yet practical advice for the artist who is struggling to find their business head.  You will look at business planning, cashflow, time management and all the boring but vital skills needed to survive the early stages of your career. Make sure that you don’t lose sight of the end game!

Successful online profile

with Native LDN

The most superficial but often most valuable area of creative work is in our public face online.  Online aficionado Bridey Rae Lipscombe will demonstrate what elements you need to embrace to keep up with the game.

agents, showreels and networking

with Pulse Films

In this session, Pulse will talk participants through the steps involved in getting an agent, how to work with them to create a dynamic and engaging showreel, and some good old-fashioned networking tips.

Tour of 3 Mills Studios

1pm – 2pm

Discover London’s Largest Film and Television Production Studios and take a look inside the stages where Danny Boyle shot Sunshine, Tim Burton shot Frankenweenie, and where much of the Olympic ceremony was rehearsed.


the legal loop

BECTU talks you through the legal things you actually need to know

3pm – 3:45pm

As confusing and overwhelming as legal procedures can seem in the film biz, there are some which we simply cannot avoid.  In this session, BECTU will take us through the core elements of the legalities you ignore at your peril.

get paid to make films

Limehouse Academy Presents: How filmmakers can break into the publishing industry without breaking the bank

4pm – 5pm

As the book publishing industry rises to the challenge of digitisation and convergence with film, app development and gaming, there has never been a greater time to offer creative services to publishing houses on a freelance, contract or salaried level. The question is: how do you go about this in a way that ensures you can do what you do best – make films – and still be able to pay your rent at the end of the month?

Bobby Nayyar, CEO of Limehouse Academy chairs a panel of artists and business people who will offer wise advice – having been there and done that and made a success of it.

Followed by networking drinks sponsored by Limehouse Academy.


This third and final day is designed to equip participants with a to-do list for tomorrow.  Too many training courses finish without specific action points for participants.  Not this one!  We believe that once you get momentum, use it!



throughout the three days

Speed mentoring: the best five minutes of your life?

Got your elevator pitch down, your question honed or your plea for funding perfected to a T?  Sign up for 5 minutes with our course mentors and just maybe get your project off the ground!

Offered / Wanted  |  Filmcycle

Got something to give?  Missing something or someone? Got skillz that are sitting on the shelf? Looking for that special editor / production manager / after-effects whizz to spice up your life and make things complete?  Visit our matchmakers corner and find your one true special FX supervisor.

Peer to peer mentoring

It’s hard to work alone.  Let’s share.


(Limited to 30 people)

A unique chance for The East End Film Festival’s Industry Delegates to take part in an intimate workshop with the UK’s leading contemporary filmmakers and top industry professionals. These half-hour discussions will explore the careers of some inspirational characters and examine how they made it through that tricky first feature stage.

3o Minutes on Networking with Matt Harlock

3 July  |  5:30pm

Matt Harlock is an award-winning director.  American: The Bill Hicks Story (co-directed & produced with Paul Thomas) was the 2nd highest grossing documentary in UK cinemas in 2010. The film was Grierson-nominated, played over 40 international festivals winning  several Best Doc awards and is currently 7th on the iTunes Documentaries All-Time Bestseller list.  He’s also an awesome networker and will share some of his tips with you in this interactive, informal session.

30 Minutes on Screenwriting with Peter Straughan

4 July  |  5:30pm

Peter Straughan is a BAFTA winner and Academy Award nominated screenwriter whose work includes Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, The Men Who Stare at Goats, and How to Lose Friends and Alienate People.  Born and raised in Northeast England, Peter Straughan originally started writing theatre before moving  into radio, television, and film. His work for stage includes Bones, published by Methuen (1999) and Noir, also published by Methuen, (2002); for radio his work includes Metropolis, for BBC Radio 4, (Prix Italia winner); and M, for BBC Radio 3, (also a Prix Italia winner).

39 Minutes on Producing with Derrin Schlesinger

5 July  |  4pm

Derrin Schlesinger works within the UK film and television industry as an independent producer. Over the last decade she has alternated between producing award-winning film, drama and comedy series.  Her debut feature Four Lions, written and directed by Chris Morris, won him his first feature BAFTA.  Other comedy output has included Channel 4’s Scottish BAFTA winning The Book Group and the first series of BAFTA winning The IT Crowd, as well as collaborating with Chris Morris on Nathan Barley and Noel Fielding on Noel Fielding’s Luxury Comedy. In addition to Four Lions, Derrin has worked with Warp Films on the TV drama series, This Is England 1986, authored by Shane Meadows for Channel 4.  She is currently producing the Channel 4 drama series Southcliffe written by Tony Grisoni (Red Riding Trilogy) and directed by Sean Durkin (Martha Marcy May Marlene).

Additional discounted events: 

Unpacking British Cinema: A Field In England

July 8 2013  |  6:30pm

On 5 July, Ben Wheatley’s (Down Terrace, Kill List, Sightseers) fourth feature A Field in England will be the first ever film to be released nationwide in cinemas, on free TV, on DVD
and on Video-on-Demand on the same day. Join Ben and key members of the cast and crew to discuss the journey of the film – the first to be developed and fully financed through Film4’s innovation hub Film 4.0. Find out how the brief to fund, shoot, edit and distribute the film in an ‘agile and ambitious way’ played out in practice, with stories literally direct from ‘the field’.


3 July 2013  |  6.40pm  |  Vibe Bar

EMERGE is an immersive live event featuring talks, interactive installations and screenings by forward thinking  filmmakers, technologists, industry experts and audiovisual artists, introduced by Academy Award nominated director, writer and musician,  Mike Figgis.

Speakers include: James Mullighan (Transmedia Next / VODO), Jordan McGarry (Vimeo), Chris O’Reilly (Nexus Productions), Rich Welsh (Technicolor), Max Hattler(Filmmaker), Alistair Burleigh (i>Lab), Keith Johnstone (UEA) and Bridey-Rae Lipscombe & Cat Turner (Native LDN).

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