The Cleaner

This stylish and affecting debut is a love story set to an apocalyptic background. A fatal plague is gripping Lima as Eusebio travels from home to home, disinfecting the dwellings of the latest victims. At one housecall, he finds an eight year old boy in the closet. The boy needs protection, but the state is uncaring and his plight forces Eusebio to open up for the first time. 

£9.50 Tickets will be available from the Rich Mix Cinema website here.

EEFF Best Feature Competition 

The Brightest Colours Make Grey

Filmed in and around East London for just £5000, Daniel Audritt ‘s debut feature follows Stanley, whose learned helplessness  is challenged when a chance encounter with a mysterious woman. Snapping out of his post-breakup funk, he initially spurns this new chance of happiness, before a second chance comes around that may just restore his faith in life, and love. A sensitive drama about growing up, and moving on, from an intelligent new filmmaking voice. 

£8.00 Tickets will be available from the Genesis Cinema website here


Set in Mithanupur, local leader, Amin, wages a personal war against all kinds of images. In Television, Mastofa Sarwar Farooki’s take on the clash between religion and technology in a Bangladeshi village, parable becomes powerful satire. When Kumar, the local teacher, buys a television that entices inhabitants of the village to his house, Amin declares war, starting a conflict that eventually takes on hilarious proportions. A state of the nation film from Bangladesh’s most vital, challenging filmmaker. 

£9.50 Tickets available from the Rich Mix Cinema website here. 

Suspension of Disbelief

A world-renowned screenwriter becomes implicated in the murder of a beautiful young Frenchwoman in Mike Figgis’ return to the world of psycho-sexual mind games. A murder-mystery in which its protagonist loses sight of reality and the fiction he has created. Figgis is one of the UK’s truly maverick cinematic spirits and returns here with something fresh, exciting and more than a little disturbing. 

The screening will be followed by a Q&A with director Mike Figgis, hosted by Tim Cooper of The Sunday Times

£8.00 Tickets available from the Genesis Cinema website here.

Songs Of Redemption

An ex-holding area for African slaves, an almost uninhabitable jail in Kingston is the home of some of Jamaica’s most serious violent offenders. This “reality of unimaginable consequence” is made more profound by its transformation into a place of creative healing, as the superintendent and local activists work to help prisoners find new beginnings through education, and often music. A moving portrait of the potential for rebirth in the worst circumstances; where prisoners repent for their crimes when they rediscover their pride, and in one very clear moment, move from darkness into light.

£9.50 Tickets will be available from the Rich Mix cinema website here.

This screening will be followed by a night of music in the downstairs bar at Rich Mix. This event is free to attend.

Best Documentary Feature Competition 

Soldate Jeanette

An heiress apparently weary of her bourgeois trappings, deliberately fritters her money away until her landlord finally tells her she is to be evicted… when she hikes into the woods and burns her money. And that’s where the fun really starts in this defiant ode to the sweet taste of liberty

Followed by a Q&A with director Daniel Hoesl (Supported by the Austrian Cultural Forum).

£9.50 Tickets available from the Rich Mix Cinema website here

EEFF Best Feature Competition 


Smash & Grab

International heists, glamorous women, a life on the run and a global manhunt. It’s the stuff of high-stakes thrillers, but also fuels Smash & Grab, Havana Marking’s follow up to Afghan Star. Marking interviews several members of the Pink Panthers, a clandestine web of jewel thieves that emerged from the crumbling of Yugoslavia in the 1990s, enlivening stories of their most audacious heists with animated restaging. This fast paced, thunderingly soundtracked film proves that truth is a lot more exciting than anything dreamed up by the movies, with a timely commentary on the link between poverty and crime.

 Screening followed by a drinks reception on Bar Paragon, sponsored by Disaronno         

£8.00 Tickets available from the Genesis Cinema website here.

Best Documentary Feature Competition 


Battling your conscience, inner demons and what’s right & wrong in a modern world can be tough. Battling with an angry mob can be even tougher. Here we explore the emotional and physical battles that we face as individuals and as a society. A programme sure to stir the senses. Programmed by The Shorts Team.

Two Dancers

UK | James Gardner | 22 min

Hiding Place

UK | Fergus Colville | 10 min


UK | Edward Bishop | 13 min


UK | Montserrat Lombard | 12 min


UK | Max Lowenbein | 8 min


UK | Zoran Trajkovic | 5 min


UK | Calum MacDiarmid | 7 min

£8.50 Tickets will be available from the Stratford Picturehouse website here.

Satellite Boy

A heartrending tale of family, tradition and survival, Catriona McKenzie’s remarkable debut film sees a young boy being raised in the shadow of an abandoned drive-in cinema in rural Western Australia. Pete (the startlingly promising newcomer Cameron Wallaby) decides to head to the city when the cinema is purchased by a mining company, a journey that ends as a fight for survival in which the skills taught to him by his grandfather (veteran actor David Gulpilil) prove invaluable. Satellite Boy is a film to warm the heart and soothe the soul.

£10.50 (Online) £11.50 (Door)  Tickets will be available from the Hackney Picturehouse website here. A Framed Film Club screening, reserved for parents and children, will take place on July 6th at the Barbican, with tickets available from the Barbican website here.

EEFF Best Feature Competition 


Alin is a former rebel without a cause still eluded by dreams of a conventional life. His conceited, heroin addict stepson dreams of making it with his band The Iguanas, whilst Alin does everything – including score – for him. However, all that is about to change at The Iguanas’ first big gig, in this beautiful evocation of life stuck in a rut. 

£9.50  Tickets will be available from the Rich Mix Cinema website here.

This screening will be followed by a Q&A with actor Alin State.      


EEFF Best Feature Competition