Trois exercises (Cristi Puiu)

Mould-breaking Romanian master Cristi Puiu takes on the novel Three Conversations by Russian writer/philosopher Vladimir Solovyov, turning it into three actor ‘exercises’ which steadily morph into a minimalist trilogy on cinema, literature, social and spiritual life, and acting in film.

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Tomorrow is Promised to No One

The feeling of loss and displacement is a subject that most fear of, it can affect the way we engage life but at times it can give us strength to start anew, without forgetting to take the path and let it lead us through the nights of sorrows. This programme attempts to delve into the lives of those that have lost something or someone but still yearn for recognition.

Programmed by Carolina Grisorio

Man Vs Sand

UK | Prano Bailey-Bond | 9 min


UK | Soledad Aguila | 4 min


UK | Claire Oakley | 13 min


UK | Christopher Smith | 10 min

Faux Depart

UK, France, Poland | Shekhar Bassi | 9 min

The Wanderer

France, Russian Federation | Vera Kokareva | 15 min

Achele (Sister)

India | Clara Kraft Isono | 17 min

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Tik and the Turkey

The townships in the suburbs of Cape Town, SA are blighted by the highly addictive, heroin-based ‘unga,’ which is mixed with cleaning detergents; and the Crystal Meth known locally as ‘tik.’ Slowly crippling the population, Lainey Richardson’s debut documentary follows 27 year old, party girl addict Analese, and her 25 year old childhood friend Trevino, who is struggling to hold his family together, having lied about his heroin addiction until he was married. The Tik and the Turkey is the human face of an abandoned community facing a drug abuse epidemic.

Tik and the Turkey screens as part of the EEFF’s Documentary Afternoon on Sunday 30 June.

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Best Documentary Feature Competition 


The Wild Ones

A major debut by a major new director. Having made his name as a regular collaborator with Pablo Trapero, co-writing Carancho and White Elephant, Alejandrop Fadel eschews the political thriller for something altogether more mythical. Five teenagers escape from a juvenile detention centre on the border between Córdoba and San Luis, killing a guard and escaping into the wilderness. The Wild Ones is a tale of youthful misadventure – complete with murder, drug use and sex – before transforming into a mystical search for freedom, grace and a union with the elements akin to that found in nature.

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EEFF Best Feature Competition 

The Outer Edges

Karl Hyde teams up with British filmmaker Kieran Evans (Finisterre, Kelly + Victor) to create a poetic meditation on the Essex borderlands, the ‘Outer Edges’ of London. Following the River Roding down to the docks of the Thames, the film grew out of Hyde’s Edgland solo project, and the result is a poignant work of psycho-geography in the mould of Patrick Keiller. Mixing stunning footage of both natural and urban environments, and featuring interviews alongside Karl’s own voiceover meditations on his journey, The Outer Edges takes us from hauntingly still wetlands to working men’s clubs, and everywhere in between. A thrillingly alive contemplation of man and his environment.

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Best Documentary Feature Competition 

The Man Whose Mind Exploded

Exploring the wonderful past, and extraordinary present, of Drako Oho Zahar Zahar, The Man Whose Mind Exploded is Toby Amies’ deeply personal account of his relationship with a man who once posed for Salvador Dali and Andy Warhol, but can no longer make new memories. Living in a Brighton flat which is an extraordinary floor-to-ceiling collage of relics from his old life, the tattooed and frequently naked Drako reminds himself of what is happening day to day with written notes, and Toby struggles to keep him safe. A tender portrait of an extraordinary individual, and a touching friendship.

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Best Documentary Feature Competition 


The Heart of Bruno Wizard

Bruno Wizard, an underground legend in the 1970s for his crazed live performances and ‘mystery man’ status, is a one-off. The lead singer of The Homosexuals and The Rejects, he performed at the Roxy alongside The Jam and The Clash; was part of the ‘Blitz kids’ scene; squatted with the Warren Street Mafia; and rejected a series of record deals out of loathing for the establishment. The Heart of Bruno Wizard recounts the rollercoaster journey of a London punk who never sold out, and features both blasts from the past and a future still promising twists and turns. 

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Best Documentary Feature Competition 

The Fade

Observational portrait of four Afro barbers, films its subjects over the course of one week. Delving into what people’s relationship to those that cut their hair really means in the twenty first century, the film takes in barber chairs in Ghana, Jamaica, USA and the UK, interweaves their stories and examines both the similarities and differences in their experiences. What emerges is the colourful, polarised lives of four men who do the same thing in different time zones, with very different realities.


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Best Documentary Feature Competition 


The East

Sarah Moss, co-writer Brit Marling, goes undercover for her corporate security firm with a mysterious anarchist group that has been terrorising corporate CEOs. The closer she gets to her targets the more she finds herself questioning the validity of her whole worldview. The second feature from one of American cinemas most socially conscious filmmakers, Zal Batmanglij, The East is a tense and prescient thriller that features fantastic turns from a stellar cast, including Patricia Clarkson, Ellen Page, and Alexander Skarsgård.

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The Colour of the Chameleon

In Emil Christov’s stylish, blackly comic debut, the espionage thriller gets the satirical treatment. Set in an exaggerated, crumbling communist Bulgaria – circa 1989 – a young man, with a strange family background, is recruited as a spy for the secret police. When he is unceremoniously fired, he takes inspiration from his first assignment to create a completely fictional spy ring. He recruits from the radical fringe and launches an information war against the state. This is an adaptation by acclaimed Bulgarian author, Vladislav Todorov, of his own cult novel Zincograph. 

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EEFF Best Feature Competition