The East End Film Festival’s established awards system includes:


As a leading showcase for first and second features, we are proud to once again present our EEFF Best Film Award. This year’s winner is Ivy (Sarmasik) directed by Tolga Karacelik who will return to EEFF in 2016 as Director-in-Residence. Special Mention: Manos Sucias (Josef Kubota Wladyka). NOMINEES


The Award for Best Documentary goes to Welcome To Leith, by Michael Beach Nichols, Christopher K. Walker. Recognising the most unique, human and arresting non-fiction stories in this year’s festival programme, the East End Film Festival’s Best Documentary Feature Award champions a film and filmmaker in whose hands bare facts become something profound and cinematic. Special Mentions: 3 1/2 Minutes, Ten Bullets (Marc Silver) and Trip Along Exodus (Hind Shoufani). NOMINEES


Amelia Hashemi’s  Don’t Blame Us ‘Cos We’re Famous won the EEFF’s Best UK Short Film Award at the 2015 edition of the festival. From the first stirrings of young love to estranged families reconnecting, terrifying dystopias to seductive reveries, year on year we find ourselves overwhelmed by the unprecedented number of excellent new films from tomorrow’s rising stars of cinema. This award recognises a powerful voice emerging from short form work, one that challenges the well-trodden cliché that a short film is somehow flimsier than a feature. Special Mention: One Thousand & One Teardrops (Fateme Ahmadi).


Festivals may have programmers, juries and directors, but it’s the audience who really matter. Let us know your opinion after any of our shorts screenings and cast your vote for this year’s festival favourite. Winner: Hi, Miss! directed by Dionne Edwards


The Accession Award exists to champion a particularly vital craft within filmmaking, as well as the recipient’s establishment of a career within their chosen field. Focusing on a different discipline each year. This year’s award focused on music composition, and the art of the Soundtrack, and has been awarded to Graham Hadfield for Containment. Special Mention: Paul Clark for Paragraph. 


  • Best Feature Film: Ivy directed by Tolga Karacelik. Special Mention: Manos Sucias.
    Jury: Noaz Deshe (Director, White Shadow, EEFF Director-in-Residence 2015), Irvine Welsh (author and screenwriter), Viv Albertine (musician, artist, filmmaker), Amma Asante (Director, Belle), Ross Clarke (Director, Dermaphoria).
  • Best Documentary Feature Award: Welcome To Leith directed by Michael Beach Nichols & Christopher K. Walker. Special Mentions: 3 1/2 Minutes, Ten Bullets and Trip Along Exodus.
    Jury: Kate Smurthwaite (comedian, activist), Rita Daniels (Executive Producer, Channel 4), Orlando von Einsiedel (Oscar nominated director, Virunga), Xiaolu Guo (filmmaker and novelist).
  • EEFF Short Film Audience AwardHi, Miss! directed by Dionne Edwards.
  • EEFF Accession Award (Soundtrack): Containment (Soundtrack composed by Graham Hadfield). Special mention: Paragraph (Soundtrack composed by Paul Clark).
    Jury: Frank Turner (Musician).

East End Film Festival 2014 winners

  • Best Feature Film: White Shadow directed by Noaz Deshe.
    Jury: Sebastian Hofmann (Director, Halley), Eddie Berg (Director of Partnerships at the BFI), Gillian Wearing Obe Ra (Photographer and Video Artist), Mark Adams (Film critic, Screen International, Sunday Mirror) and Peter Straughan (Playwright, Author and Oscar nominated screenwriter).
  • Best Documentary Feature Award: Mistaken For Strangers directed by Tom Berningher.
    Jury: Iain Forsyth & Jane Pollard (British Artists and Filmmakers), Emad Burnat (Director), Shanida Scotland (Storyville, BBC’s international documentary strand), Tristan Anderson (BAFTA winning documentary filmmaker).
  • Best UK Short Film Award: Colours directed by Graham Fitzpatrick.
    Jury: Chris & Ben Blaine (Directors), Eva Weber (Director) and Clint Dyer (Actor, Writer, Director and Producer)
  • EEFF Short Film Audience AwardThe Undream by Alexander Thomas. Starring Welsh BAFTA winner Jonny Owen as an insomniac who exists in two worlds, it’s the dark, quiet story of one man’s fight.
  • EEFF Best SoundtrackMars At Sunrise directed by Jessica Habie; soundtrack by Tamir Muskat
    Jury: Fay Milton (Savages), Jules Woods, Graham Hartstone (Sound engineer), Ari Benjamin Meyers (Composer) and Karl Hyde (Underworld).
  • EEFF Accession Award (Cinematography)Soho Cigarette directed by Jonathan Fairbairn; cinematography by Gavin Northover.
    Jury: Barry Ackroyd (Cinematographer, The Wind That Shakes The Barley).

East End Film Festival 2013 winners

  • Best Feature Film: Halley, by Sebastian Hofmann. A tale of urban loneliness that follows a security guard at a Mexico City gym, whose physical deterioration contrasts wildly with the healthy bodies around him. EEFF 2014 will feature a special focus on Mexican cinema, with Sebastian Hofmann as the EEFF’s Director in Residence.
    Jury: Peter Bradshaw (Film Critic, The Guardian), Armando Bo (Director, El Ultimo Elvis), Sally El Hosaini (Director, My Brother The Devil) and Joe Wright (Director).
  • Best Documentary Feature Award: Richard Pryor: Omit the Logic by Marina Zenovich and The UK Gold by Mark Donne. Last year saw the award being shared by Richard Pryor and The UK Gold. The former delves into the mind of one of the world’s greatest stand-up comedians whose career veered between triumph and disaster; while the latter exposes the City of London’s role in the secretive network of tax avoidance.
    Jury: Morgan Spurlock (Writer and Filmmaker), Mark Stewart (Musician), Rachel Wexler (Producer), Niklas Engstrøm (Head Programmer, CPH:DOX).
  • Best UK Short Film Award: Life Sentence by Ray Panthaki. This first foray into writing and directing for the London-born actor sees two schoolboys’ paths cross one night in London. The film is loosely inspired by events affecting Panthaki’s own life.
    Jury: Martina Amati (BAFTA-winning short filmmaker), Joe Bateman (Director, Rushes Soho Shorts Festival), Nik Powell (Vice Chair, European Film Academy), Jodie Whittaker (Actress).
  • EEFF Short Film Audience AwardThe Day My Goldfish Died by Adam Greves.
  • EEFF Best SoundtrackThe Outer Edges by Karl Hyde. The Underworld frontman performed his beautiful and mesmerising winning score live at EEFF’s closing night gala.
    Jury: Jason Cooper (The Cure) and Rhys Webb (The Horrors).

East End Film Festival 2012 winners

  • Best Feature Film: El Último Elvis by Armando Bo, a dark, blackly comic and moving drama portraying a delusional Elvis impersonator in downtown Buenos Aires. EEFF 2013 will feature a special focus on Argentine cinema, with Armando Bo as the EEFF’s Director in Residence.
    Jury: Dexter Fletcher (Actor/Director), Sandra Hebron (ex-Artistic Director, BFI London Film Festival), Adrian Wootton (Chief Excutive, Film London) and Joe Wright (Director).
  • Best Documentary Feature Award: 1/2 Revolution by Karim El Hakim and Omar Shargawi, a compelling first-person account of Egypt’s Arab Spring uprising, chronicling events as they unravelled on the streets and alleyways of Cairo.
    Jury: Cairo Cannon (Producer/Screen Writer), Inigo Gilmore (Foreign Correspondent & Filmmaker) and Kim Longinotto (Filmmaker).
  • Best UK Short Film Award: Callum by Michael van der Put, which portrays a schoolboy struggling to cope with feelings of guilt after his first love is killed at a local train station..
    Jury: Sarah Chorley (Shooting People), Tony Grisoni (Screen Writer/Director), Liz Harkman (Director, Encounters Short Film and Animation Festival), and Sam Martin & Tony Shocash (Decode).
  • EEFF Short Film Audience Award: A Killey by Mitch Panayis, a wry and stylish tale of an East London gangster’s last stand, taking in the environmental changes taking place in the East End under the guise of Olympic development.

East End Film Festival 2011 winners

  • Best Debut Feature: Udaan by Vikramaditya Motwane, a wonderful coming of age tale from India that moved the film’s festival audience.
    Jury: Adrian Utley (Portishead), actress Monica Barladeanu (The Death of Mr. Lazarescu) and Ailsa Ferrier (Artificial Eye).
  • Best Documentary Feature Award: Katka by Helena Trestikova, a heatbreaking investigation of the life of a pregnant drug addict.
    Jury: Andy Glynne (DFG), British director Jez Lewis and Bob Stanley of Saint Etienne.
  • Best UK Short Film Award: God View by Billy Lumby, the story of mentally ill father who misses his daughter.
    Jury: Joe Bateman (Rushes Soho Shorts), Steve Hartley (SAE), and British director Morag MacKinnon.
  • EEFF Short Film Audience Award: Tres Tristes Tigres by David Munozportrays the harrowing experience of three Bangladeshi migrants who have travelled to Dubai to seek a better life.

East End Film Festival 2010 winners

  • Best International First Feature: Francesca directed by Bobby Paunescu
  • Best UK First Feature: Shed Your Tears And Walk Away directed by Jez Lewis
  • Best Documentary Feature Award: Presumed Guilty directed by Roberto Hernández / Geoffrey Smith
  • Best Feature Soundtrack: Erasing David – Michael Nyman, Composer
  • Best UK Short Film Award: Whore directed by Fyzal Boulifa

East End Film Festival 2009 winners

  • Best International First Feature – Everybody Dies But Me, directed by Valeriya Gai Germanika
  • Best UK First Feature – The End, directed by Nicola Collins
  • IFG Inspiration Award for Best Feature Documentary – Rene, directed by Helena Trestikova
  • Best UK Short Film Award – September directed by Esther May Campbell
  • EEFF Short Film Audience Award – Idol Mind, directed by Kate Greenslade

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