Author: The JT Leroy Story

One of the greatest scandals ever to envelop the literary world, the unmasking of “it boy” author Jeremiah ‘Terminator’ Leroy by New York magazine in 2005 is the type of stranger than fiction story tailor-made for the movies. Hailed as a literary sensation for his tough prose and having overcome an abusive, drug addled childhood, LeRoy was revealed not to be the transgender child of a truck stop prostitute, but the invention of 40-year-old San Francisco phone-sex operator Laura Albert. And having drawn the devotion of the likes of Tom Waits, Gus Van Sant, Madonna and Winona Ryder, many of whom appear in the film on tape, there would be hell to pay when the truth came out. A fantastic account of the tallest of tales.opencity-logo

Tickets available from the Picturehouses website here.

Screening in partnership with Open City.

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