They Came From the Shadows

Check your faculties at the door, buckle in and get set for a welter of micro-transgressions, no-frills chills and twisted voices from the other(ing) side, including the new film from Yann Gonzalez (You & The Night).

UK | Jason Bradbury | 4min

Belgium | Sebastien de Buyl | 8min

Mexico | Xavier Velasco | 7min

The Surf Report
USA | Courtney Faye Powell | 15min

Canada | Blake Mawson | 15min

Dawn of the Deaf
UK | Rob Savage | 12min

Intermission: A 35mm projection of rare & campy film trailers of Gore. (10mins)

France | Claudine Natkin | 16min
10 years later, Claudine Natkin’s disturbing childhood fable comes up for air.

Les Îles
France | Yann Gonzalez | 23min
Disappear down a queergore wormhole in ‘You and the Night’ director Yann Gonzalez’s latest headtrip.

PHOTO CREDIT: Pyotr495, Blake Mawson

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