The Truth Don’t Hurt

A programme that dares to delve into the real world in which we live. From the street battles of the Syrian revolution to the compelling stories of friendship and old age from a park bench in East London, this programme will give you a wonderful insight into the lives that others lead and have led.

Programmed by Tom Geoffrey

Not Anymore: A Story of Revolution

USA | Matthew VanDyke | 14 min

24 Hours 7 Days 7 Years

Austria | Thomas Woschitz | 9 min

The Hummingbird

UK | Rafa Pavon | 14 min

Noe Kuremoto: Muay Thai Kick Boxer

UK | Ben Tubby & Dan Tubby | 6 min


UK | Murat Gökmen| 13 min


UK | Ed Cartledge | 14 min

On the Bench

UK | Maha Taki | 10 min


UK | Alex Taylor | 7 min

£10.50 (Online) £11.50 (Door) Tickets available from the Barbican Cinema here 

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