Low Tide

The second part of Roberto Minervini’s Texas Trilogy, Low Tide is a disarming, lived-in drama set in the badlands of Texas. Centering upon a boy and his relationship with his mother over one long, hot Summer, the character known only as The Boy (and played brilliantly by newcomer Daniel Blanchard) is clearly being presented as a Huckleberry Finn for modern America. The timeless boyish pursuits of catching frogs, fishing and exploring the countryside interweave with backbreaking errands, caring for his party-hard mother (Melissa McKinney, another excellent performance) and making enough money to scrape by. Utilising improvisation and a non-professional cast, Low Tide conjours Twain, Dickens, and Malick, while remaining accessible and personal. 

Tickets available from the Genesis Cinema website here.


In a world struck by some unspecified disaster, a vengeful police officer is hunting a possessed killer. With the dead walking the earth, and the living that remain almost as dangerous, the Officer picks up two teenagers, Nina and The Shooter, and hits the road. Conflating horror, exploitation and the Spaghetti Western, Beyond the Grave is uniquely Brazilian twist on a classic Grindhouse. A perfect late night crowd pleaser.

Tickets £8.50. Available from the Rio Cinema website here.   

Argentine Cinema Panel

Having championed some of world cinema’s most groundbreaking cinematic New Waves over the past few years, the EEFF’s annual national focus returns in 2013. Following Armando Bo’s dark comic drama The Last Elvis taking the EEFF’s top award in 2012, Bo returns to the festival as the EEFF’s Director in Residence as the festival presents a phenomenal selection of films from new Argentine directors, including the extraordinary, mystical debut from Pablo Trapero’s screenwriting partner Alejandro Fidel, The Wild Ones; Jazmin Lopez’s Leones, Mariano Llinás’s mind-bending meta-thriiler Extraordinary Stories; a selection of Argentina’s most vital short films; and a special rescreening of El Ultimo Elvis.

Join the EEFF at the Barbican for a discussion of what makes Argentina one of world cinema’s most important cinematic movements, and how the country has overcome military juntas and economic collapse to become a remarkably productive filmmaking powerhouse. With a panel featuring Armando Bo, Matias Pineiro, Alejandro Fidel, Sofia de Skalon (London Argentine Film Festival), the panel will accompany the London Premiere of Pineiro’s wonderful play on Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night, Viola.


La Antena

Argentinian director Esteban Sapir’s dystopian sci-fi tale, in which an evil media tycoon known as Mr.TV has stolen the voices of an entire city. His brainwashing has left the people unable to oppose his dastardly will. A marvelous pastiche of classic silent film, La Antena looks astonishing on the big screen, and in Esben and the Witch’s specially commissioned score has found the perfect sonic accompaniment.

La Antena is screening as EEFF 2013’s free outdoor screening, soundtracked by a specially commissioned score by Esben and the Witch – more details can be found here.


Join us at Vibe Live on Brick Lane for an afternoon and evening of Louisiana liquored music and movies.With free Bloody Marys and the hearty Southern grub known as grits, the East End Film Festival offers a relaxed day of Southern-fried cinema and song, with award winning films taking in everything from the wild plains of Texas to inner city Georgia, and from the endurance of the juke joint and bluegrass music to the art of making gumbo on film.


Dir: Jon Watts


Dir: Gideon C. Kennedy & Isabel Machado

THE POOR & HUNGRY – Dir: Craig Brewer

Dir: Greg ‘Freddy’Camalier

Dir: Jim Jarmusch



Grits ‘n’ Gravy is organized by film festival veteran Brian Gordon and theatre director Julie Alexander. Gordon grew up across the Ohio River from the northernmost Southern border in Cincinnati and served as the Artistic Director at the Nashville Film Festival. Alabama born, California raised Alexander is a documentary filmmaker who also headed a theatre company in Nashville.

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The emotive, tense and lustful nature of Piñeiro’s brilliant romantic drama is a snappy tale of a woman living and working with her boyfriend in Buenos Aires. Whilst helping her other half run his video piracy business, Viola comes into contact with the work of an all-girl theatre company that creates drama out of fragments of Shakespeare’s plays.

This screening will be preceded by a discussion of New Argentine Cinema in partnership with the London Argentine Film Festival, and featuring Matias Piñeiro (Viola), Alejando Fadel (The Wild Ones) and EEFF 2013 Director in Residence Armando Bo (El Ultimo Elvis). 

More details on the panel are available here,

£10.50 (Online) £11.50 (Door) with tickets for both the panel and the screening available from the Barbican Cinema website here

EEFF Best Feature Competition 



The Wild Ones

A major debut by a major new director. Having made his name as a regular collaborator with Pablo Trapero, co-writing Carancho and White Elephant, Alejandrop Fadel eschews the political thriller for something altogether more mythical. Five teenagers escape from a juvenile detention centre on the border between Córdoba and San Luis, killing a guard and escaping into the wilderness. The Wild Ones is a tale of youthful misadventure – complete with murder, drug use and sex – before transforming into a mystical search for freedom, grace and a union with the elements akin to that found in nature.

£9.50 Tickets available from the Rich Mix Cinema website here.

EEFF Best Feature Competition 

The East

Sarah Moss, co-writer Brit Marling, goes undercover for her corporate security firm with a mysterious anarchist group that has been terrorising corporate CEOs. The closer she gets to her targets the more she finds herself questioning the validity of her whole worldview. The second feature from one of American cinemas most socially conscious filmmakers, Zal Batmanglij, The East is a tense and prescient thriller that features fantastic turns from a stellar cast, including Patricia Clarkson, Ellen Page, and Alexander Skarsgård.

£10.00 Tickets available from the Hackney Picturehouse website here.

The Cleaner

This stylish and affecting debut is a love story set to an apocalyptic background. A fatal plague is gripping Lima as Eusebio travels from home to home, disinfecting the dwellings of the latest victims. At one housecall, he finds an eight year old boy in the closet. The boy needs protection, but the state is uncaring and his plight forces Eusebio to open up for the first time. 

£9.50 Tickets will be available from the Rich Mix Cinema website here.

EEFF Best Feature Competition 


Set in Mithanupur, local leader, Amin, wages a personal war against all kinds of images. In Television, Mastofa Sarwar Farooki’s take on the clash between religion and technology in a Bangladeshi village, parable becomes powerful satire. When Kumar, the local teacher, buys a television that entices inhabitants of the village to his house, Amin declares war, starting a conflict that eventually takes on hilarious proportions. A state of the nation film from Bangladesh’s most vital, challenging filmmaker. 

£9.50 Tickets available from the Rich Mix Cinema website here.