Wednesday 29th of June (in alphabetical order)

All screenings and events are for over 18s unless otherwise stated

And Then I Was French_th

And Then I Was French

dir. Claire Leona Apps

Premiere type: World

29/06    9:00 PM

A thriller about a young woman’s journey of self-discovery, that takes a dangerous direction as she struggles to escape the agony of unrequited love. Cara is a massage student, tucked ...

Films for Food - LOGO-th

Films for Food: The Divide + panel

29/06    7:00 PM

Venue: 67 Rothbury Road, Hackney Wick E9 THE DIVIDE Dir: Katharine Round UK | 2015 | 74 min Inspired by best-selling book The Spirit Level, Katharine Round’s film highlights the widening gulf between ...

Flag Without a Country 1_th

Flag Without a Country

dir. Bahman Ghobadi

Premiere type: UK

29/06    8:30 PM

An evocation of borders and identity, Flag Without a Country sees hobbling pilot Nariman looking for recruits for his flying school. Pop star Helly Luv, meanwhile, is stockpiling Kalashnikovs and ...



dir. Carleton Ranney

Premiere type: UK

29/06    9:30 PM

Both thrillingly ambitious and beautifully lo-fi, Carleton Ranney’s John Carpenter-inflected debut takes place in a future, apocalyptic America. Set decades after an event known as ‘the reset’, life in Sector ...

Jim-The James Foley Story - PREFERRED_th

Jim: The James Foley Story

dir. Brian Oakes

Premiere type: London

29/06    6:00 PM

When American journalist and video reporter James Foley was murdered by ISIS 2014, the video of his barbaric execution sent shockwaves around the world. Brian Oakes’ moving film explores Foley’s ...

Los Punks_th

Los Punks: We Are All We Have

dir. Angela Boatwright

Premiere type: UK

29/06    7:00 PM

Take a trip into the backyards of South Central and East Los Angeles in Los Punks: an intimate documentary exploring a homegrown DIY community of bands, skaters and resolute togetherness. ...

Shepherds and butchers hi-res_th

Shepherds & Butchers (UEL...

dir. Oliver Schmitz

Premiere type: London

29/06    7:00 PM

When a traumatised death row guard is arrested for a violent murder, no one in 1987 South Africa will take his case. That is until maverick lawyer John Weber (Steve ...


Shorts: This Mess We’re In

29/06    6:30 PM

Exploring such topics as political correctness, modern art, the rise of the EDL and the sexualisation of pop culture, these films form a compelling, hilarious and at times disturbing state-of-the-nation ...