Turkish Strand (in alphabetical order)

All screenings and events are for over 18s unless otherwise stated


dir. Can Evrenol

25/06    11:00 PM

A squad of unsuspecting cops plunge through a trapdoor - to a Hell created from their nightmares and darkest secrets - when they stumble upon a Black Mass in an ...


Blue Wave, The

dir. Zeynep Dadak, Merve Kayan

02/07    1:30 PM

Zeynep Dadak and Merve Kayan impressive debut sees Deniz return from holiday to the provincial city of Balıkesir, immediately falling back into her old life, gossiping with her friends, caring ...



dir. Emin Alper

Premiere type: UK

28/06    6:30 PM

The second feature from one of Turkey’s most important new filmmakers, Emin Alper follows Beyond the Hill with a timely state-of-the-nation thriller. Set in some near future in which Turkey ...



dir. Senem Tüzen

Premiere type: UK

26/06    3:45 PM

Nesrin flees her job, her home and her crumbling marriage, leaving Istanbul for the plains of Anatolia to finally realise her dream of becoming a writer. But when her conservative, ...


Toll Booth

dir. Tolga Karaçelik

25/06    4:00 PM

The debut feature from EEFF Director in Residence Tolga Karacelik, Toll Booth follows tightly-wound, taciturn bachelor Kenan as he slowly drives himself over the edge. Stationed in the middle of ...