Rainbow Collective Animation Workshop

Rainbow Collective Stop Frame Animation WorkshopRainbow Collective LOGO

Rainbow Collective presents a one-day stop frame animation workshop for a group of 10-14 year olds. As part of the workshop, the children draw narrative sequences into storyboards and transform them into three dimensional models and sets to create short cartoons on what they consider the most pressing social issues to their age group.

For ten years, Rainbow Collective have provided practical and creative film production training for young people outside of conventional education in Bangladesh, Jamaica, South Africa and the UK.

Venue: Rich Mix, Mezzanine
Saturday 2 & Sunday 3 July

FREE – Book here.

Part of Roots. More information here.

Dash Arts — Dacha Event

The Dash Arts Dacha is a 12-hour, ever-changing free performance venue modelled on the iconic Russian country house. Films, dressing up, board games and cards, fevered political discussion with guest experts, live music, impromptu theatre performances and late night djs are all on offer with an endless supply of comforting drinks and snacks. Artists include Olia Hercules, Sasha Ilyukevich and the Highly Skilled Migrants, Mazaika Duo, Elena Dana and DJ Penny Metal.dash-web

Friday 1 July, 7.00pm–12:00am
Saturday 2 July 12.00pm–12:00am
Sunday 3 July, 12.00pm–12:00am

This is a FREE drop in event.

Website: www.dasharts.org.uk / Twitter: @dasharts / Facebook: /DashArtsCo

Part of Roots. More information here.

Tower Hamlets at its Best

A celebration of the most thrilling and invigorating up and coming talent from Tower Hamlets, this selection of shorts encapsulates everything that we love about the most vibrant and diverse borough of London.

Lewis Rose | UK | 17 min

Rene Pannavis | UK | 15 min

Tom Hemmings | UK | 10 min

Aimee Powell | UK | 17 min

Charlotte Wolf | UK | 13 min

Jake Lushington | UK | 16 minTower Hamlets Logo (1)

FREE. Book your place via the Genesis Cinema website here.

Part of Roots. More information here.

Gates of Vanity, The

Newly unemployed and frustratingly directionless, Ben is lonely when his family go away. Taking in a young homeless man while he renovates his house, things quickly take a disturbing turn when a simple disagreement triggers a psychotic reaction in his guest. Held captive and broken down in a religiously-inflected cycle of abuse, Ben must discover whether he has what it takes to fight back and reclaim his life, in this powerful Hackney-based debut feature.

Followed by a Q&A. Tickets available from the Genesis website here.

Masonic Temple: Collapse of Civilisation Weekend

The Warning

Cinema explores the world we inhabit; it’s able to look at the world and highlight ills—past and present— and set up the various possibilities of our future. With The Warning we package these stories into one large narrative, starting with a voice from the past, following through unease, unrest and the inevitable resistance. Sadly this tale takes a dark turn where warnings were ignored and we end up in the seemingly inevitable dystopian future, where the struggles, though different, have continued headlong towards collapse.

The Warning weaves it’s way through Freemasonry’s historical connections to the crafts folk and guilds and their own grand aims of unification and fraternity, while being conspiratorially viewed as a secretive organisation for world domination. What could possibly go wrong? —Josh Saco, Masonic Temple programmer

Saturday 2 July

SESSION 1 | Ticket Price: £12.50 | BUY TICKETS
12 PM
Dead of Night: Exorcism
Dir: Don Taylor | UK | 1972 | 50 min
At a Christmas dinner in an old cottage, there’s a sudden power failure and the phone goes dead, the wine turns to blood and the turkey makes them violently sick. Then things really get strange…

Dir: Alan Clarke | UK | 1990 | 62 min
A bleak portrait of life in a Lancashire town in 1980’s Thatcher era Britain.

SESSION 2 | Ticket Price: £12.50 | BUY TICKETS
2 PM
Give Us Tomorrow
Dir: Donovan Winter | UK | 1978 | 94 min
In association with Nucleus Films
Masked intruders take the family of a bank manager hostage in order to rob his bank.

Land and Freedom (16mm screening)
Dir: Ken Loach | UK, Spain | 1995 | 110 min
Spring 1936, a young unemployed communist, David, leaves his hometown Liverpool to join the fight against fascism in Spain.


Sunday 3 July

SESSION 1 | Ticket Price: £12.50 | BUY TICKETS
Dir: Terry Gilliam | USA | 1985 | 134 min
16mm screening
A bureaucrat in a retro-future world tries to correct an administrative error and himself becomes an enemy of the state.

Dir: Pete Travis | USA | 2012 | 95 min
In a violent, futuristic city where the police have the authority to act as judge, jury and executioner, a cop teams with a trainee to take down a gang that deals the reality-altering drug, SLO-MO


SESSION 2 | Ticket Price: £12.50 | BUY TICKETS
The Running Man 
Dir: Paul Michael Glaser | USA | 1987 | 101 min
Presented by Science Fiction Theatre
A wrongly convicted man must try to survive a public execution gauntlet staged as a game show. Accompanied by a special talk: Dystopia Now: Are we living in the future that we feared? delivered by Jeremy Gilbert, Professor of Cultural and Political Theory at the University of East London.

Things to Come
Dir: William Cameron Menzies | USA | 1936 | 97 min
Presented by Filmbar70
The story of a century: a decades-long World War leaves plague and anarchy, then a rational state rebuilds civilization and attempts space travel.Cigarettes Burns


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Weekend Pass: £30 | BUY TICKETS

Transit Havana

Odette, Juani and Malú are awaiting gender realignment, courtesy of Europe’s best surgeons. They are the beneficiaries of a programme established by Fidel Castro’s daughter Mariela, who is being credited with leading a sexual revolution under the auspices of the socialist state. Marking a sea change in the lives of Cuban trans people, they nevertheless face the difficulties of bigotry, poverty and prostitution, all themes that are sensitively explored in this truly touching documentary.

Tickets available from the Rio Cinema website here.


Uncle Howard

Filmmaker Aaron Brookner delves into the fascinating and tragic story of his uncle Howard, a filmmaker and major player in the 70s and 80s cultural revolution that defined New York’s Lower East Side. Rediscovering Howard’s life and influence through interviews with family and friends such as Jim Jarmusch, much of the film focuses on Howard Brookner’s relationship with William Burroughs, with the former’s unfinished film project languishing inside a locked apartment building, unseen. Loaded with electrifying archive footage, this is unparalleled insight into a vibrant period of queer and NYC history, with a moving personal dimension.

Followed by a Q&A. Tickets available from the Rio Cinema website here.

Little Men (2nd Screening)

American master Ira Sachs (Keep the Lights On, Love is Strange) returns with one of the best films of the year. Jake and Tony are two 13 year olds who form a deep friendship in the aftermath of the death of Jake’s grandfather. But the family bereavement also brings the shop run by Tony’s mother into the hands of Jake’s parents (Greg Kinnear and Jennifer Ehle), whose plan to raise the rent leads to an increasingly bitter feud, and threatens the boys’ friendship. A perfectly drawn, achingly sympathetic character drama with subtle insights into the true nature of gentrification, those not driven to tears by Sachs’ latest opus may well be made of stone.

Tickets available on the Electric website here.


I Shot Bi Kidude

Andy Jones follows up his Bi Kidude film As Old As My Tongue with a much stranger and more tragic encounter with rebellious Tanzanian singer Bi Kidude. When Kidude is kidnapped at the age of 102, Jones travels to Zanzibar to investigate. The imminent death of the infamous, chain-smoking performer is a tragedy not just for world music, but for Jones himself, as he takes a trip into his own past, and that of one of Africa’s most iconic artists.

Followed by a special musical performance by Matona.
Tickets available from the Rich Mix website now.

Golden Dawn: A Personal Affair

My partner is a Jew, my son gay, my other son an anarchist and I am a left-wing feminist. The only question in case Golden Dawn comes to power is, which wagon are we going to ride.’ So begins a journalist’s trawl through the depths of Greece’s neo-Nazi party, their extraordinary rise and how so many Greeks have been won over by their cause. A delve into the mind of the Nazi next door.

Tickets available from the Rich Mix website now.