The Truth Don’t Hurt

A programme that dares to delve into the real world in which we live. From the street battles of the Syrian revolution to the compelling stories of friendship and old age from a park bench in East London, this programme will give you a wonderful insight into the lives that others lead and have led.

Programmed by Tom Geoffrey

Not Anymore: A Story of Revolution

USA | Matthew VanDyke | 14 min

24 Hours 7 Days 7 Years

Austria | Thomas Woschitz | 9 min

The Hummingbird

UK | Rafa Pavon | 14 min

Noe Kuremoto: Muay Thai Kick Boxer

UK | Ben Tubby & Dan Tubby | 6 min


UK | Murat Gökmen| 13 min


UK | Ed Cartledge | 14 min

On the Bench

UK | Maha Taki | 10 min


UK | Alex Taylor | 7 min

£10.50 (Online) £11.50 (Door) Tickets available from the Barbican Cinema here 

Tomorrow is Promised to No One

The feeling of loss and displacement is a subject that most fear of, it can affect the way we engage life but at times it can give us strength to start anew, without forgetting to take the path and let it lead us through the nights of sorrows. This programme attempts to delve into the lives of those that have lost something or someone but still yearn for recognition.

Programmed by Carolina Grisorio

Man Vs Sand

UK | Prano Bailey-Bond | 9 min


UK | Soledad Aguila | 4 min


UK | Claire Oakley | 13 min


UK | Christopher Smith | 10 min

Faux Depart

UK, France, Poland | Shekhar Bassi | 9 min

The Wanderer

France, Russian Federation | Vera Kokareva | 15 min

Achele (Sister)

India | Clara Kraft Isono | 17 min

£8.00 Tickets will be available from the Rio Cinema website here


Battling your conscience, inner demons and what’s right & wrong in a modern world can be tough. Battling with an angry mob can be even tougher. Here we explore the emotional and physical battles that we face as individuals and as a society. A programme sure to stir the senses. Programmed by The Shorts Team.

Two Dancers

UK | James Gardner | 22 min

Hiding Place

UK | Fergus Colville | 10 min


UK | Edward Bishop | 13 min


UK | Montserrat Lombard | 12 min


UK | Max Lowenbein | 8 min


UK | Zoran Trajkovic | 5 min


UK | Calum MacDiarmid | 7 min

£8.50 Tickets will be available from the Stratford Picturehouse website here.

Lost In The Other

There are often more questions than answers in this programme of fantastic, mysterious and sometimes twisted short films that blur the line between fantasy and reality.

Programmed by Christopher Smith



USA | Niav Conty | 4 min


Canada | Philippe Gregoire | 14 min


UK, France | Tom Smith, Jose Salazar | 13 min

Lot 254

UK | Toby Meakins | 3 min

Future Inc

UK | Martin Stirling | 5 min

Acoustic Levitation Through Vocal Discharge

UK | Ghin Liew | 2 min

Signalbox #100

UK | James Gunn | 11 min

Cold Turkey

USA, Iceland | Fannar Thor Arnarsson | 14 min

Baby, I Love You

USA | Faiyaz Jafri | 2 min

Dog Boy

UK | Jessica Townsend | 15 min

£8.00 Tickets will be available from the Genesis Cinema website here 

Family Ties

Love them or hate them, you can’t deny your family.

Touching on the universal yet varied relationships that exist between mothers and daughters, husbands and wives, fathers and sons and sibling to sibling. This programme of live action, animation and documentary reveals poignant, surreal and dark explorations to what happens when these eternal bonds are tested. 

Programmed by Kirsten Geekie


Long Distance Information

UK | Douglas Hart | 8 min

From Dad to Son

Germany | Nils Knoblich | 5 min


UK | Tim Knights | 20 min


UK | James Alexandrou| 18 min

Kingdom of Doug

Australia | Victoria Thaine | 15 min


UK | James Webber | 11 min

Mickey & Michaela Bury Their Dad

UK | Tom George | 8 min

£10.00 Tickets available from the Hackney Picturehouse website here.

How Did It Come To This?

Delving into the human tendencies that set us on a path to destruction or perhaps even salvation. Some path’s are put before us by others and some we ultimately choose to go down ourselves. From a bitter argument on a Scandinavian football pitch to a persecuted Ballet dancer in a Nazi Concentration camp, each story is fraught with danger, detachment and drama. 

Programmed by Tom Geoffrey


Life Sentence

UK | Ray Panthaki | 20 min

Fore Finalen

Sweden | Adi Omanovic | 9 min


Brazil | Emilia Londero | 14 min

South Platte

USA | Gaston Yvorra | 14 min

A Cake For Mabel

UK | Jane McGee | 15 min

The Ellington Kid

UK | Dan Sulley | 6 min

Dancing in the Ashes

UK | Nick Rowland | 18 min

£8.00 Tickets will be available from the Genesis Cinema website here

Come And Go As One Pleases

The concept of exile has changed; in modern society exile has become a feeling. This selection aims to give an overview of the exile seen from different points of view. From conflicts between first and second generations of immigrants to the feeling of discomfort of not being able to be understood and the struggle to find any kind of dodge to not feel alone.

Programmed by Angelica Riccardi



UK | Florah Uddin | 14 min


UK | Florinda Frisardi | 10 min

Dundas Street

Canada | Sofia Bohdanowicz & Joanna Durkalec | 9 min

Six Letters Word

USA | Lisanne Sartor | 17 min

Acoustic Memory

UK | Henry Butcher | 5 min


UK | Ollie Verschoyle | 6 min


UK | Jo Hewer | 11 min

The Undream

UK | Alexander Thomas | 18 min

£6.50 Tickets

Lakino: Argentine Shorts

The Lakino Latin American Film Festival invites you to discover the comedy, suspense, and social satire of this fantastic selection of Argentine shorts. From an Argentine Ping Pong phenomenon to the largest tin mine in Bolivia, having a laugh and falling in love.

Augenblick (Gabriela Sofía Flores, Argentina 2013, 11 min.)

Nubes (Manuel Abramovich, Argentina 2012, 13 min.)

Juku (Kiro Russo, Argentina/Bolivia 2011, 18 min.)

Ping pong Master (Maria Zanetti – Felicitas Soldi, Argentina 2011, 18 min.)

Los Teleféricos (Federico Actis, Argentina 2011, 14 min.)

No me ama (Martin Piroyansky, Argentina/Uruguay 2009, 16 min)


Join us afterwards for some Argentine live music in Bar Paragon. Tickets available from the Genesis Cinema website here.