Will & Testament

Tony Benn, the longest serving Labour MP in history, is also, arguably, the most popular UK politician of all time. Across the globe and in particular over the last five years his brand of socialism has struck a chord with people of all ages and social backgrounds. A new film, Will And Testament reveals the human face behind the political mask. Tony Benn criss-crosses the UK bearing witness to major social and political upheavals and events. An exclusive and deeply personal look at the life of a national treasure, it is a frank, candid and sometimes painful exploration of the great themes of life that have affected him and affect us all, love, loss, hopes, dreams, fears and death. 

Further details of the film are available at http://www.tonybennfilm.com/ and https://www.facebook.com/tonybennfilm.

Screening at the Genesis cinema with War Matters: tickets available here.

Pimps & Pinups Pop-up Parlour

Prior to the screening of La Antena, East London-based hair salon Pimps & Pinups will be hosting a FREE pop-up hair salon at Leon’s restaurant in Spitalfields Market. Renowned for their glamorous classic and modern styles within a setting of 1950s Hollywood cool, this is an opportunity to transform your hair into a stylised creation inspired by the dreamlike visuals of La Antena. No appointment necessary; just pop into Leon’s from 6.30pm for your free styling session.

Strung Out and Wam Perform Express Symphony

Strung Out is a community violin group based in East London, founded by local resident and professional musician, Alison Jones. It provides a supportive environment for adult violinists of all abilities to reconnect creatively with the violin, explore musical styles and have fun. 

With support from the BBC Performing Arts Community Fund, Strung Out have devised a new symphony to be premiered in Old Spitalfields Market at East End Film Festival 2013. Inspired by the word ‘Express’, in the context of living in East London, “Express Symphony” is a short piece of original music, devised by Strung Out and composed by Alison Jones. Express will be performed in four movements, and, in a unique collaboration with other local community groups led by Lizzy Renihan of Natural Voices and multi-instrumentalist Dick Smith, the orchestra of violins, ukuleles, banjos and voices will create a musical retelling of what it is like to live in East London.

The 60 strong ensemble will include interactive elements for audience participation, making this a fun event for all the family. Strung Out will also collaborate with Walthamstow Acoustic Massive (WAM) on musical mash ups, including The Eagle’s “Hotel California” and Elbow’s “One Day Like This” – song sheets and lighters at the ready!

Old Spitalfields Market.  Saturday 6 July, 2.00pm

Silent Screening: A City Without A Voice

Grab a blanket and join us for the outdoor screening event of the year.

Last year East End Film Festival took the Silent London screening of the year award and this year ambition knows no bounds as we combine surreal Argentinian cinema with a new soundtrack commission and a world premiere contemporary dance performance.

Argentinian director Esteban Sapir’s 2007 film La Antena is the black and white tale of an entire city that has lost its voice. Mr. TV, the owner of the city’s only television channel, is carrying out a sinister, secret plan to subject all of the city’s inhabitants to his evil will – forever.

Accompanying the film’s mysterious and haunting visuals will be gothic pop band Esben and the Witch. Nominated in the BBC Sound of 2011 poll and winners of the Q award for ‘Next Big Thing’ in the same year, this is a unique opportunity to be part of the world premiere performance of Esben and the Witch’s newly commissioned score.

Setting the scene for Esben and the Witch’s atmospheric performance, the London premiere of contemporary dance piece The Intention, performed by East London dance company Neon Dance, will be led by world-renowned choreographer Adrienne Hart. Inspired by ‘The Invention of Morel’, a novel by Adolfo Bioy Casares, ‘The Intention’ explores a world of disjointed presences; where the playback of a recording of events takes on a greater reality than the continued existence of its subjects.

A City Without A Voice is set to be a festival highlight and there are limited seats available, so bring your cushion and grab a front row seat for this unmissable event.

La Antena

Argentinian director Esteban Sapir’s dystopian sci-fi tale, in which an evil media tycoon known as Mr.TV has stolen the voices of an entire city. His brainwashing has left the people unable to oppose his dastardly will. A marvelous pastiche of classic silent film, La Antena looks astonishing on the big screen, and in Esben and the Witch’s specially commissioned score has found the perfect sonic accompaniment.

La Antena is screening as EEFF 2013’s free outdoor screening, soundtracked by a specially commissioned score by Esben and the Witch – more details can be found here.

War Matters

A chronicle of anti-war resistance and protest in London over the past decade, Chester Yang’s film follows the story of Brian Haw, the veteran peace campaigner who occupied Parliament Square from 2001 up until his death in 2011. His legal battle with the UK authorities were the stuff of headlines, as the Labour government introduced new laws to try and evict him and his supporters and restricted the right to protest in the capital. An insightful exploration of what it means to live in a democracy.

Screening with Tony Benn: Will & Testament (dir. Skip Kite, 30 mins, Special Feature Documentary Work In Progress Preview)

£8.00 Tickets will be available from Genesis Cinema website here

Best Documentary Feature Competition 

Trois exercises (Cristi Puiu)

Mould-breaking Romanian master Cristi Puiu takes on the novel Three Conversations by Russian writer/philosopher Vladimir Solovyov, turning it into three actor ‘exercises’ which steadily morph into a minimalist trilogy on cinema, literature, social and spiritual life, and acting in film.

£10 Tickets will be available from the Genesis Cinema website here


Tomorrow is Promised to No One

The feeling of loss and displacement is a subject that most fear of, it can affect the way we engage life but at times it can give us strength to start anew, without forgetting to take the path and let it lead us through the nights of sorrows. This programme attempts to delve into the lives of those that have lost something or someone but still yearn for recognition.

Programmed by Carolina Grisorio

Man Vs Sand

UK | Prano Bailey-Bond | 9 min


UK | Soledad Aguila | 4 min


UK | Claire Oakley | 13 min


UK | Christopher Smith | 10 min

Faux Depart

UK, France, Poland | Shekhar Bassi | 9 min

The Wanderer

France, Russian Federation | Vera Kokareva | 15 min

Achele (Sister)

India | Clara Kraft Isono | 17 min

£8.00 Tickets will be available from the Rio Cinema website here

Suspension of Disbelief

A world-renowned screenwriter becomes implicated in the murder of a beautiful young Frenchwoman in Mike Figgis’ return to the world of psycho-sexual mind games. A murder-mystery in which its protagonist loses sight of reality and the fiction he has created. Figgis is one of the UK’s truly maverick cinematic spirits and returns here with something fresh, exciting and more than a little disturbing. 

The screening will be followed by a Q&A with director Mike Figgis, hosted by Tim Cooper of The Sunday Times

£8.00 Tickets available from the Genesis Cinema website here.

Soldate Jeanette

An heiress apparently weary of her bourgeois trappings, deliberately fritters her money away until her landlord finally tells her she is to be evicted… when she hikes into the woods and burns her money. And that’s where the fun really starts in this defiant ode to the sweet taste of liberty

Followed by a Q&A with director Daniel Hoesl (Supported by the Austrian Cultural Forum).

£9.50 Tickets available from the Rich Mix Cinema website here

EEFF Best Feature Competition