Saturday 25th of June (in alphabetical order)

All screenings and events are for over 18s unless otherwise stated

Author: The JT Leroy Story

dir. Jeff Feuerzeig

25/06    3:00 PM

One of the greatest scandals ever to envelop the literary world, the unmasking of “it boy” author Jeremiah ‘Terminator’ Leroy by New York magazine in 2005 is the type of ...



dir. Can Evrenol

25/06    11:00 PM

A squad of unsuspecting cops plunge through a trapdoor - to a Hell created from their nightmares and darkest secrets - when they stumble upon a Black Mass in an ...


Generation Revolution

dir. Cassie Quarless, Usayd Younis

Premiere type: London

25/06    6:00 PM

A story of resurgent grassroots activism, Generation Revolution is a stirring account of a new generation of black and brown activists in London. Focusing on The London Black Revolutionaries (Black ...


Grind, The

dir. Nosa Eke

Premiere type: World

25/06    6:00 PM

A new web series delving into a twentysomething world, The Grind follows a group of young people as they seek to make their way in London’s creative scene. Nick, Sage, ...


Homeland (Iraq Year Zero)

dir. Abbas Fahdel

Premiere type: UK

25/06    12:00 PM

A vital, totemic achievement in documentary filmmaking, Homeland is the ultimate cinematic account of the American invasion of Iraq. Abbas Fahdel films his family and friends, both before and after ...


Hot Property

dir. Max McGill

25/06    8:00 PM

Generation Rent gets the film it deserves in Hot Property, an anarchic satire on the wild west that is the housing market. MyAnna Buring (Kill List) is a corporate spy ...


Love is Thicker Than Water

dir. Emily Harris, Ate de Jong

Premiere type: World

25/06    6:30 PM

Taking its cue from Romeo and Juliet, Love is Thicker Than Water is a tale of lovers from different sides of the tracks. Vida comes from a well to do ...


Notes on Blindness

dir. Pete Middleton, James Spinney

25/06    5:30 PM

When writer and theologian John Hull went blind in 1983, he began keeping an audiocassette diary of his daily life. When it was published in 1990, Oliver Sacks described it ...


Seven Sisters Indoor Market, The

dir. Klearjos Eduardo Papanicolaou

Premiere type: World

25/06    1:30 PM

The groundswell of gentrification, urban regeneration and community exclusion in East London is touchingly explored in The Seven Sisters Market. Depicting a rapidly transforming London through the eyes of a ...


Shongram + intro

dir. Munsur Ali

25/06    1:30 PM

In partnership with the London Bengali Film Festival In this powerful romantic drama set during the 1971 liberation struggle of Bangladesh, a reporter interviews a British Bengali on his deathbed, where ...