Low Tide

The second part of Roberto Minervini’s Texas Trilogy, Low Tide is a disarming, lived-in drama set in the badlands of Texas. Centering upon a boy and his relationship with his mother over one long, hot Summer, the character known only as The Boy (and played brilliantly by newcomer Daniel Blanchard) is clearly being presented as a Huckleberry Finn for modern America. The timeless boyish pursuits of catching frogs, fishing and exploring the countryside interweave with backbreaking errands, caring for his party-hard mother (Melissa McKinney, another excellent performance) and making enough money to scrape by. Utilising improvisation and a non-professional cast, Low Tide conjours Twain, Dickens, and Malick, while remaining accessible and personal. 

Tickets available from the Genesis Cinema website here.

Unpacking British Cinema: A Field In England

On 5 July, Ben Wheatley’s (Down Terrace, Kill List, Sightseers) fourth feature A Field in England will be the first ever film to be released nationwide in cinemas, on free TV, on DVD
and on Video-on-Demand on the same day. Join Ben and key members of the cast and crew to discuss the journey of the film – the first to be developed and fully financed through Film4’s innovation hub Film 4.0. Find out how the brief to fund, shoot, edit and distribute the film in an ‘agile and ambitious way’ played out in practice, with stories literally direct from ‘the field’.

The discussion will be led by Roger Clarke (The Independent, Sight & Sound) and includes:

Ben Wheatley – Director

Laurie Rose – DOP

Andy Starke – Producer

Claire Jones – Producer

Martin Pavey – Sound Mixer

Rob Entwhistle – Sound Recordist

£6.50. Tickets available from the Hackney Picturehouse website here


Alin is a former rebel without a cause still eluded by dreams of a conventional life. His conceited, heroin addict stepson dreams of making it with his band The Iguanas, whilst Alin does everything – including score – for him. However, all that is about to change at The Iguanas’ first big gig, in this beautiful evocation of life stuck in a rut. 

£9.50  Tickets will be available from the Rich Mix Cinema website here.

This screening will be followed by a Q&A with actor Alin State.      


EEFF Best Feature Competition 

Baby Blues

Kasia Roslaniec follows up Mall Girls (EEFF 2010) with another tale of rebellious, superficial youth. Seventeen year old Natalia is frustrated by her dead end existence, regretting her impulsive decision to have a child and obsessed with getting a job in a fancy clothing boutique. Following her spiral into drugs, partying and expensive clothes, Baby Blues is a garishly coloured, brilliantly stylised take on the superficial nature of Polish consumerism, and with a killer soundtrack to boot.

Tickets available from the Rich Mix Cinema website here.

EEFF Best Feature Competition 



Antej Farac’s brilliantly mad portrait of a fading urban community – the colourful inhabitants of a dilapidated Munich apartment block. Filmed with the real community, and using several actual inhabitants to play versions of themselves, Annelie features a roll call of chancers and oddballs, from a swinger club madame to a drug-addled romantic, all tipped into a delirious fantasy of a finale. The inhabitants of a soon to be demolished building go out with bang.

Tickets will be available from the Genesis Cinema website here

EEFF Best Feature Competition 

A Field In England

A psychedelic trip into magic and madness, Ben Wheatley’s A Field In England takes its English Civil War setting and proceeds to warp it into something utterly distinctive. Channeling British classics such as Witchfinder General and The Wicker Man whilst retaining the gender-bending tastes Wheatley displayed in Kill List and Sightseers, the film sees an alchemist capture a group of deserters and set them to the task of finding a mysterious treasure; feasting on huge circle of mushrooms; and becoming the victim of the field’s mysterious energies. A true one-off from one of our most distinctive, and truly British, filmmakers.

This screening will be accompanied by contributions from Ben Wheatley, producer Andy Starke, other members of the team behind the film, and representatives of Film 4.0 and Picturehouses, who will be discussing the innovative ways in which the film was financed, produced, and distributed, as the EEFF 2013’s ‘Unpacking British Cinema’ showcase.    


Tickets available from the Hackney Picturehouse website here.