In a digital landscape where perfection can be effortlessly fabricated, can embracing old technology, techniques and the celebration of chance create a vibrant new form of filmmaking?

With extensive experience working with Super 8, 16mm, alternative chemical processing and analogue video our panel will discuss the pros, cons, pitfalls and practicality of such technology.


Nick Abrahams – Director of music videos and experimental documentaries, including acclaimed collaborations with Jeremy Deller & Sigur Ros.

Bea Haut – International exhibiting artist who works with 16mm film in an expanded form. She also jointly runs Film in Process, an artist film processing and printing service.

Douglas Hart – Founder member of The Jesus and Mary Chain and accomplished music video director, favouring small gauge film formats since the mid ‘80s.

Helen Dewitt – Head of Cinemas at the BFI, lead Programmer of London Film Festival’s Experimenta section of Artists’ Film and Video

Venue: Close-up


Presented by Four Corners.

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Saudi Arabian journalist Faiza Ambah’s debut film is a poignant insight into the issues facing a young Muslim woman growing up in a Western country. It’s 2004 in France and a new law has recently been passed banning religious symbols in schools, including the hijab. For Mariam, a young teenager who has recently begun wearing the veil after returning from pilgrimage in Mecca with her grandmother, this means an agonising and unfair choice between continuing her studies and retaining an important part of her religious identity. Pressure from her father to conform to French law and attention from a young boy who admires her determination complicates this situation further. Will she continue to resist external pressures and in so doing put her education at risk, or find a way to please authority whilst staying true to herself?

Dir: Jade Jackman
UK | 17 min

In this thought-provoking documentary by first-time filmmaker Jade Jackman, several different British-Muslim women share their recent experiences of being negatively portrayed or stereotyped by the western media. Through these women’s perspectives we see an unexpected form of oppression that contradicts and challenges the misinformed view that these women are in fact oppressed by their faith. Furthermore, this short film offers an insight into how governmental legislation, such as Prevent and the Counter Terrorism and Security Bill, is seeping into different areas of life and institutionalising racist stereotypes.

Followed by Q&A with the producer Aleksandra Bilic and special guests.

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Perhaps the original democratic, barrier-breaking format in modern music, the cassette tape still refuses to die. Exploring the role of this revolutionary invention in the proliferation of pop culture, Cassette features musical luminaries such as Henry Rollins, Thurston Moore (Sonic Youth) and Ian MacKaye (Minor Threat, Fugazi), who appear alongside a legion of young bands still releasing music on tape, and the man who unleashed a new music sharing culture on the world, paving the way to the likes of MySpace and Spotify.

Followed by a Q&A with director Zack Taylor, editor and producer Georg Petzold, Lou Ottens, inventor of the compact cassette, and very special guests. Tickets available from the Genesis website here.





An intimate portrait of friendship, love triangles and home furnishings, Jan Hillman’s debut feature follows the journey of three friends across London. Transporting a couch to its new home, this new bit of furniture is a vehicle for mining themes of friendship and unspoken desire among modern urban twentysomethings, in the process exploring the Tinder generation’s approach to sex, secrets and second-hand sofas.

Followed by a Q&A. Tickets available from the Genesis website here.