In a world struck by some unspecified disaster, a vengeful police officer is hunting a possessed killer. With the dead walking the earth, and the living that remain almost as dangerous, the Officer picks up two teenagers, Nina and The Shooter, and hits the road. Conflating horror, exploitation and the Spaghetti Western, Beyond the Grave is uniquely Brazilian twist on a classic Grindhouse. A perfect late night crowd pleaser.

Tickets £8.50. Available from the Rio Cinema website here.   

We Are The Freaks

A funny, moving and timely portrait of youthful hopelessness in the late Thatcher years. Justin Edgar’s witty drama sees Jack, who dreams of escaping his unfulfilling factory job, meet the talented, well to do Elinor. Heading off on a journey into the night, they pick up two eccentric friends and come into contact with rave culture, youthful rebellion and dangerous drug dealers. This is a punchy evocation of a dying counterculture, featuring a brilliant contemporary soundtrack and a roll call of recognisable faces from Skins and This Is England.

£8.00 Tickets available from the Genesis Cinema website here.

The Heart of Bruno Wizard

Bruno Wizard, an underground legend in the 1970s for his crazed live performances and ‘mystery man’ status, is a one-off. The lead singer of The Homosexuals and The Rejects, he performed at the Roxy alongside The Jam and The Clash; was part of the ‘Blitz kids’ scene; squatted with the Warren Street Mafia; and rejected a series of record deals out of loathing for the establishment. The Heart of Bruno Wizard recounts the rollercoaster journey of a London punk who never sold out, and features both blasts from the past and a future still promising twists and turns. 

£9.50 Tickets available from the Rich Mix Cinema website here.

Best Documentary Feature Competition 

The Cleaner

This stylish and affecting debut is a love story set to an apocalyptic background. A fatal plague is gripping Lima as Eusebio travels from home to home, disinfecting the dwellings of the latest victims. At one housecall, he finds an eight year old boy in the closet. The boy needs protection, but the state is uncaring and his plight forces Eusebio to open up for the first time. 

£9.50 Tickets will be available from the Rich Mix Cinema website here.

EEFF Best Feature Competition 

Die Welt

Opening with a hilarious scene in which its protagonist attempts to explain to someone why he should refrain from renting Transformers 2, Die Welt is loose and energetic take on post-revolution Tunisia. Abdallah (Abdelhamid Naouara) is inspired by a one-night stand with a Dutch woman to finally make a break for Europe, with disastrous consequences. Using his own home movies and family members, Alex Pitstra brings a freewheeling quality to his debut. An evocative and very funny portrait of Tunisian youth, who seem to be in as hopeless a situation now as they ever were.

£8.00 Tickets will be available from the Genesis Cinema website here

EEFF Best Feature Competition 


Lakino: Argentine Shorts

The Lakino Latin American Film Festival invites you to discover the comedy, suspense, and social satire of this fantastic selection of Argentine shorts. From an Argentine Ping Pong phenomenon to the largest tin mine in Bolivia, having a laugh and falling in love.

Augenblick (Gabriela Sofía Flores, Argentina 2013, 11 min.)

Nubes (Manuel Abramovich, Argentina 2012, 13 min.)

Juku (Kiro Russo, Argentina/Bolivia 2011, 18 min.)

Ping pong Master (Maria Zanetti – Felicitas Soldi, Argentina 2011, 18 min.)

Los Teleféricos (Federico Actis, Argentina 2011, 14 min.)

No me ama (Martin Piroyansky, Argentina/Uruguay 2009, 16 min)


Join us afterwards for some Argentine live music in Bar Paragon. Tickets available from the Genesis Cinema website here.