Female Directors 2016 (in alphabetical order)

All screenings and events are for over 18s unless otherwise stated

And Then I Was French_th

And Then I Was French

dir. Claire Leona Apps

Premiere type: World

29/06    9:00 PM

A thriller about a young woman’s journey of self-discovery, that takes a dangerous direction as she struggles to escape the agony of unrequited love. Cara is a massage student, tucked ...

AsIOpenMyEyes- - PREFERRED_th

As I Open My Eyes

dir. Leyla Bouzid

Premiere type: UK

30/06    8:45 PM

Tunisia in the months leading up to the Jasmine Revolution provides the backdrop to As I Open My Eyes, a tale of rebellious youth and rock n’ roll. Eighteen year ...

Blue Wave, The_th

Blue Wave, The

dir. Zeynep Dadak, Merve Kayan

02/07    1:30 PM

Zeynep Dadak and Merve Kayan impressive debut sees Deniz return from holiday to the provincial city of Balıkesir, immediately falling back into her old life, gossiping with her friends, caring ...

Credible Likeable Superstar Role Model-PREFERRED_th

Credible Likeable Superstar Role Model

dir. Rebecca Brand

Premiere type: World

02/07    1:30 PM

A self-described ‘pop-u-mentary’, Credible Likeable Superstar Role Model follows lauded performance artist Bryony Kimmings and her 10-year old niece Taylor as they collaborate on Kimmings’ latest show, an attempt to ...

Golden Dawn_th

Golden Dawn: A Personal Affair

dir. Angelique Kourounis

Premiere type: UK

03/07    5:30 PM

My partner is a Jew, my son gay, my other son an anarchist and I am a left-wing feminist. The only question in case Golden Dawn comes to power is, ...


Half Way + panel

dir. Daisy-May Hudson

26/06    1:00 PM

Half Way chronicles the life of a normal family living in Epping forced into homelessness after being evicted from their house, going from one hostel to another as they wait ...

Los Punks_th

Los Punks: We Are All We Have

dir. Angela Boatwright

Premiere type: UK

29/06    7:00 PM

Take a trip into the backyards of South Central and East Los Angeles in Los Punks: an intimate documentary exploring a homegrown DIY community of bands, skaters and resolute togetherness. ...

Love is thicker than water_th

Love is Thicker Than Water

dir. Emily Harris, Ate de Jong

Premiere type: World

25/06    6:30 PM

Taking its cue from Romeo and Juliet, Love is Thicker Than Water is a tale of lovers from different sides of the tracks. Vida comes from a well to do ...

MARIAM - Preferred_th


dir. Faiza Ambah

Premiere type: UK

27/06    6:30 PM

Saudi Arabian journalist Faiza Ambah’s debut film is a poignant insight into the issues facing a young Muslim woman growing up in a Western country. It’s 2004 in France and ...

My Feral Heart - PREFERRED 1_th

My Feral Heart

dir. Jane Gull

Premiere type: London

28/06    6:30 PM

Luke, an independent young man with Down's syndrome, is grieving the loss of his elderly mother when he is forced to move into a care home. Initially despondent about his ...