Feature Competition 2016 (in alphabetical order)

All screenings and events are for over 18s unless otherwise stated

ALOYS by Tobias Noelle / Georg Friedrich as Aloys
©Hugofilm / Simon Guy Faessler


dir. Tobias Nolle

Premiere type: London

24/06    9:15 PM

A lonely, reclusive private investigator is pulled into the world of ‘telephone walking’ when a mysterious woman steals his surveillance tapes in Aloys, Tobias Nölle's gloriously mad debut feature. Exploring ...

AsIOpenMyEyes- - PREFERRED_th

As I Open My Eyes

dir. Leyla Bouzid

Premiere type: UK

30/06    8:45 PM

Tunisia in the months leading up to the Jasmine Revolution provides the backdrop to As I Open My Eyes, a tale of rebellious youth and rock n’ roll. Eighteen year ...

Childhood of a Leader, The_th

Childhood of a Leader, The

dir. Brady Corbet

Premiere type: London

01/07    6:30 PM

What makes a dictator? American indie darling Brady Corbet (Martha, Macy May, Marlene, Simon Killer) makes his directorial debut with a fable of totalitarianism in Childhood of a Leader, a ...

Darkest Universe, The - PREFERRED_th

Darkest Universe, The

dir. Tom Kingsley, Will Sharpe

01/07    6:30 PM

Will Sharpe and Tom Kingsley follow the BAFTA-nominated Black Pond with an often hilarious, always poignant tale of troubled sibling relationships, alienation and aliens. When his sister Alice and her ...



dir. Emin Alper

Premiere type: UK

28/06    6:30 PM

The second feature from one of Turkey’s most important new filmmakers, Emin Alper follows Beyond the Hill with a timely state-of-the-nation thriller. Set in some near future in which Turkey ...

Lure, The_th

Lure, The

dir. Agnieszka Smoczynska

Premiere type: London

26/06    4:00 PM

The year’s best (only?) horror mermaid musical, this utterly unique debut is an alluring fairy tale about two sisters who emerge from the sea, and head straight for a Warsaw ...

Operation Avalanche_th

Operation Avalanche

dir. Matt Johnson

Premiere type: UK

02/07    6:45 PM

In 1967, CIA agents were sent into NASA posing as a documentary film crew in order to root out a Russian mole. What happened next represents one of the biggest ...

We Are The Flesh_th

We Are The Flesh

dir. Emiliano Rocha Minter

Premiere type: UK

01/07    9:00 PM

Grisly, beautiful and frequently bonkers, We Are The Flesh is a fairytale of power, rebirth and fresh meat. Wandering through a ruined city, a young brother and sister discover a ...



dir. Daniel Hoesl

Premiere type: UK

30/06    9:00 PM

Three investors, wolves in sheep’s clothes, can’t for the life of them find heart or soul. In their jets they circle the globe, preaching love and earning gold. Smoke and ...