How to Lose Jobs & Alienate Girlfriends + This is All of Us (World Premiere)

In his feature-length debut, Lonely Planet film editor turned budding documentarian Tom Meadmore follows his girlfriend Amanda and his boss Tony as they chase their separate dreams of musical stardom in Melbourne.
Meadmore’s own insecurities flare while struggling to find a story, and he begins challenging his participants’ flaws on camera – jeopardizing the film, relationships and careers. Cinequest

USA | Director: Nadia Connors | 27 min

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Throbbing Gristle, SPK, Test Dept and Boyd ‘Non’ Rice are among the trailblazing participants in this first documentary dedicated to industrial: a provocative, inherently politicized form of musical expression borne out of cultural oppression, societal unrest and manufacturing decline in the 1970s. Don your sternest party wear for our special multimedia event, which will feature a senses-stunning DJ line-up topped by Cabaret Voltaire legend (and film interviewee) Stephen Mallinder.


Anarchist Rabbi, The

This experimental doc follows in the footsteps of Rudolf Rocker, an anarchist who campaigned with London’s East End Jewish migrants 100 years ago. Steven Berkoff narrates Rocker’s ghost, who has returned to revisit the places that were significant to him, highlighting how urban development can cause us to forget working-class history and political struggle.

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Anti-social Worker + Fulfillment

Narrated by Ras Kwame, this is a candid portrait of six nocturnal workers in a city that never sleeps. Spotlighting a baker, locksmith, club concierge, shelter supervisor and blood biker, it captures the energy that drives London by night, revealing a peculiar beauty that few of us ever see.

Followed by a Q&A. Tickets available from the Genesis Cinema website here.

UK | Director: Brady Hood | 16 min

Anti Social Worker // Documentary Trailer from England Your England on Vimeo.

Elephant’s Dream

Kristof Bilsen’s first feature-length documentary is a poetic portrait of people working in the state-run post office, railway station and fire department in Kinshasa, the third largest city in Africa. Serenely composed and slightly ironic, it provides an essential insight into the Democratic Republic of Congo’s bureaucratic machinery, expertly attuned to said nation’s pace of life.

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Dennis Rodman’s Big Bang in Pyongyang

A rollicking documentary about the unlikely rapport between the world’s most famous dictator and an ex-basketball star, Big Bang in Pyongyang is the definitive take on Dennis Rodman’s dalliance with North Korea. Perhaps the most bizarre sports-related story of recent times, Colin Offland’s film follows the extrovert American as he strikes up a friendship with Kim Jong-un, and decides to stage a historic basketball game between the two countries, while being vilified by the NBA, the White House, and the press. The story of the most controversial game of basketball the world has never seen, and a fascinating glimpse of North Korea.

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Divide, The

Inspired by best-selling book The Spirit Level, Katharine Round’s film highlights the widening gulf between rich and poor. Exploring the reasons behind the ever-increasing wealth gap, its impact, and how inequality might even spell trouble for the rich, The Divide is a timely and prescient piece of globetrotting documentary cinema; both a think piece and a powerful warning.

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Generation Right

This vital post-election film weighs the legacy of Margaret Thatcher. Mixing archive and interviews with political figures, Generation Right examines the moment when inequality and capitalism became the driving forces of ‘progress’. Moving from 1980s turbulence through the 2008 crash and into the present day, it boldly asks what Thatcher’s story can tell us about how we live now.

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Life’s a Beach

Life’s a Beach is a moving and beautifully shot documentary about one man’s fight to live outside the system; to live for and by himself; to be free. Jerry ‘Mungo’ Francis is a local legend. Using driftwood, fishing debris and old car parts, he builds his own home on a Folkestone beach and carves out an idyllic, self-sustainable lifestyle. However, bureaucracy is never far away. Mungo’s mission suffers a setback as the land he lives on comes under dispute. Will David defeat Goliath in this endearing portrait?

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Udita + Can I Have

A powerful firsthand account of the struggle of female garment workers for better working conditions in Bangladesh, Udita begins in 2010, when organising in the workplace resulted in beatings, sackings and arrests. Moving through episodes like the tragic Tazreen and Rana Plaza disasters, and through to the present, when the long standoff appears to finally be producing results, Udita tells this story of progress from the point of view of the workers themselves, as well as their union and its leaders. Weaving together characters from their acclaimed documentaries The Machinists and Tears in the Fabric with new stories, directors Richard York and Hannah Majid take a trip to the frontline of a vital struggle.

Free community screening. | Followed by a Q&A

UK | Directors: Hazuan Hashim & Phil Maxwell | 5 min

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