Stevie G

Umut Gunduz’s portrait of his brother is anintimate attempt at reconnection. After years of estrangement from Stevie, Umut begins sifting through home videos in order to learn about a sibling he never knew while growing up. A complex character emerges, driven by bad choices and trauma into a life of crime, yet also charismatic and fascinating. Produced in partnership with YouTube and NFTS, this is a moving tale of familial bonds, and a magnetic central figure trying to get back on the right path.London Calling

Followed by a Q&A. Screening supported by London Calling. Tickets available from the Rio Cinema website here.


3 ½ Minutes, Ten Bullets (Closing Night Gala)

British director Marc Silver (Who is Dayani Cristal?, EEFF 2014) returns with a documentary for the age of Ferguson and Baltimore. On Black Friday 2012 (the day after Thanksgiving), four boys in a red SUV became embroiled in an argument with the man in the car next to theirs after he asked them to turn their music down. Just three and a half minutes later, one of the boys was dead. Dissecting the fallout of a terrible tragedy this is riveting, timely cinema, and an important contribution to the debate around the issue of how much black lives actually matter in America.

Followed by a Q&A. 3 1/2 Minutes, Ten Bullets is the Closing Night Gala of EEFF 2015. for more details, click here
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Seventh Fire, The

Executive Produced by Natalie Portman, Terrence Malick presents this documentary about the Native American gang crisis in Minnesota. The Seventh Fire is a haunting yet often beautiful portrait of how the Ojibwe community’s cultural heritage is coming apart at the seams, another victim of poverty and despair in a country increasingly defined by the people forced out to its margins.


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Trip Along Exodus & Mirror Image + Q&A

A narrative from the Palestinian diaspora told through VHS, 8mm, 16mm, HD video, photographs and animation, Trip Along Exodus is Hind Shoufani‘s interpretation of her own father’s journey. From the Galilee in 1948 to Princeton in the ‘60s, and from Beirut in the ‘70s and to the current war in Syria, this is the story of a man who wrote over 25 books on politics and history, led the revolution in 1983 against Arafat, and who was a Revolutionary Council member and a military organiser for the Palestinians. A tribute to a dramatic life lived across several countries, both poetic and beautiful, yet harshly critical of the political developments in the Arab world.

Please note the change in the screening time for this film, which will now screen at 3.15pm, and not 3.40pm as originally advertised.

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Israel | Dir: Danielle Schwartz | 11 min

Welcome to Leith

Welcome to Leith is non-fiction cinema moulded into a high stakes thriller. Chronicling the attempted takeover of Leith, North Dakota by white supremacist Craig Cobb, it begins as an ‘enemy within’ story, as townsfolk realise that the man buying their land is trying to create a hub for America’s neo-Nazi movement. As Cobb’s disciples arrive the locals rise up, and this documentary takes an even more sinister turn.

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Estate, A Reverie

The passing of Hackney’s Haggerston Estate after 70 years is given poetic expression in A Reverie. Andrea Luka Zimmerman’s film explores the death of a utopian dream, the reconfiguration of East London’s landscape, and a group of people who refuse to be defined by economic or social brackets, even acting out stories from the past to keep the spirit alive.London Calling

Followed by a Q&A. Screening supported by London Calling. Tickets available from the Hackney Picturehouse website here.


Stand by for Tape Back-Up

A meta-essay for the Michael Jackson generation, Stand By For Tape Back-Up offers an endearingly esoteric take on family, memory and analogue home recording. Produced by Charlie Lyne (Beyond Clueless), it finds poet Ross Sutherland dredging the contents of a VHS tape swapped between himself and his grandfather, taking in music videos, terrible adverts and The Wizard of Oz. Rebuilding its fragments via sprawling recollections, poetic missives and beat-rapping, this is the ultimate cinematic expression of how personal media govern our understanding of time, death and cherished memories.

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Above & Below

Nicolas Steiner’s documentary is about living way, way out there “from Mars to Earth, and beneath its crust”. Five survivors hustle their way through a world that feels apocalyptic: Rick, Cindy and Godfather Lalo in the subterranean network of storm drains under the shiny strip of Las Vegas; Dave amid the lonesome beauty of the Californian desert; and April, simulating a Mars mission in full astronaut gear in arid Utah. Funny, moving and shot in beautiful widescreen, this is a glimpse of places that might be unfamiliar, but also of people not very different from ourselves. Swiss Embassy

Followed by a Q&A. Tickets available from the Rich Mix website here.

Screening supported by the Embassy of Switzerland in the United Kingdom.


Amy + Asif Kapadia Q&A

The story of the tragically departed five-time Grammy-winner Amy Winehouse, Asif Kapadia’s follow up to Senna is another tense, whirlwind tale of a superstar’s rise and fall. Working exclusively with archive footage, narrated via new interviews with those that knew her best, it is a brutally open and honest film channelling the lifeblood of a rare, authentic talent. We’re also shown the addiction and media intrusion that would feed into one another, resulting in a heartbreaking public unravelling, and an even more heartbreaking demise.

Followed by a Q&A with Asif Kapadia. Tickets available from the Rio Cinema website here.