Will & Testament

Tony Benn, the longest serving Labour MP in history, is also, arguably, the most popular UK politician of all time. Across the globe and in particular over the last five years his brand of socialism has struck a chord with people of all ages and social backgrounds. A new film, Will And Testament reveals the human face behind the political mask. Tony Benn criss-crosses the UK bearing witness to major social and political upheavals and events. An exclusive and deeply personal look at the life of a national treasure, it is a frank, candid and sometimes painful exploration of the great themes of life that have affected him and affect us all, love, loss, hopes, dreams, fears and death. 

Further details of the film are available at http://www.tonybennfilm.com/ and https://www.facebook.com/tonybennfilm.

Screening at the Genesis cinema with War Matters: tickets available here.

Documentary Afternoon

Join us at the Rio Cinema for an afternoon of mid-length documentaries from London filmmakers, with a truly international reach. EEFF alumni The Rainbow Collective introduce us to two boys who make their living on a railway platform in Bangladesh; Lainey Richardson explores the ravaging effects of drug addiction on the townships of South Africa; Eelyn Lee follows four performers getting ready to participate in the spectacular Paralymic Games Opening Night Ceremony Santiago Posada travels with an ex-alcoholic across Sri Lanka towards an uncertain reconciliation with his family; and Eva Weber’s Black Out shows students in Guinea going to extraordinary lengths to better themselves. This is British filmmaking at its most outward looking and illuminating.

All Eyes On Us – 1.30pm
UK | Eelyn Lee | 26 min

Black Out – 2.20pm 
UK | Eva Weber | 47 min

Platform 12 – 3.20pm
UK | The Rainbow Collective | 9 min

Railway Redemption – 3.50pm
UK, Sri Lanka | Santiago Posada | 35 min

Tik and the Turkey – 4.35pm
UK | Lainey Richardson | 52 min

Unpacking British Cinema: A Field In England

On 5 July, Ben Wheatley’s (Down Terrace, Kill List, Sightseers) fourth feature A Field in England will be the first ever film to be released nationwide in cinemas, on free TV, on DVD
and on Video-on-Demand on the same day. Join Ben and key members of the cast and crew to discuss the journey of the film – the first to be developed and fully financed through Film4’s innovation hub Film 4.0. Find out how the brief to fund, shoot, edit and distribute the film in an ‘agile and ambitious way’ played out in practice, with stories literally direct from ‘the field’.

The discussion will be led by Roger Clarke (The Independent, Sight & Sound) and includes:

Ben Wheatley – Director

Laurie Rose – DOP

Andy Starke – Producer

Claire Jones – Producer

Martin Pavey – Sound Mixer

Rob Entwhistle – Sound Recordist

£6.50. Tickets available from the Hackney Picturehouse website here

The UK Gold

All eyes were on East London in 2012. Since that summer of glory, gold medals and diamond jubilation, questions have been raised as to what kind of legacy recession-hit Britain has really inherited.

Narrated by actor Dominic West (The Wire, The Hour), and featuring an extraordinary new sound-score from Radiohead’s ThomYorke and Massive Attack’s Robert Del Naja, The UK Gold follows the dramatic journey of a vicar from the Olympic host, riot-scarred borough of Hackney as the narrative travels from Zambia to Salisbury and the Caribbean to Clapton to understand the full impact of UK financial chicanery.

With the views and voices of British politicians, hedge fund masters of the universe,Vanity Fair investigative journalist Nicolas Shaxson, Private Eye’s Richard Brooks and Channel 4 News presenter Jon Snow, it exposes the fundamental role the City of London plays in the secretive network of tax havens and tax avoidance.

The screening will be followed by a panel discussion with the director Mark Donne, writer Richard Brooks, and Father William Taylor who is featured in the film. More panelists to be announced soon!

£8.00 Please note that this is the second screening of UK Gold at the EEFF. For tickets to the EEFF Opening Night Gala click here. Tickets available for this Genesis Cinema screening, with the panel discussion, are available from the Genesis website here.

Best Documentary Feature Competition 

Zoom Films

Welcome to the ZOOM screening at the 2013 East End Film Festival. In 2008 The British Sign Language Broadcasting Trust (BSLBT) was set up to commission short films and television programmes made by Deaf people for Deaf people in British Sign Language (BSL). In 2009 BSLBT and Neath Films launched the ZOOM scheme to help younger, emerging Deaf filmmakers produce their first or second low budget short programme for TV broadcast on Film4 and the Community Channel.

The remit of the scheme was simple: if you are a new Deaf filmmaker,  you can apply for ZOOM and make a film of approx. 9-12 mins, and if you are more experienced you can make a film of 24mins under the ZOOM FOCUS banner. A total of 20 short films have been produced by 14 different directors since 2010 and many of the films have gone to have a healthy festival life winning numerous awards around the world.

To see more BSL films, and more from ZOOM, please visit BSLBT’s website. www.bslzone.co.uk, or for more information email zoom@neathfilms.com

The End | 24 min
Starting in the 1980s, The End follows 4 deaf children over 60 years. After the introduction of a treatment aimed at eradicating deafness, the very survival of Deaf language and culture is at stake. Featuring an ensemble cast, The End is a thought-provoking alternative vision of the future.

You, Me| 24 min
A charming family drama set during Christmas, telling 2 intercutting stories at both ends of the age range as a little girl learns that Santa might not be Deaf, and an old teacher must find a new calling after his Deaf school is closed due to budget cuts.

Confession | 24 min
Set in the aftermath of the Milan Conference, which promoted oralism over Sign language, Confession is a historical drama set during the Victorian era depicting the culture battle between oralism and Signing in the deaf community. Featuring the real historical figures of Alexander Graham Bell and Reverend Francis Maginn as they battle for the future of Deaf culture, the film depicts the true consequences of the Milan conference held 10 years previously.

Strangers | 24 min
Strangers is about a Deaf teenager in a hearing family, where communication is not clear. An interpreter arrives on her own because the social worker is held up, and suddenly the son has a voice with which to express himself, much to the astonishment of his parents.

Little World | 8 min
In this animated short set in the Victorian era, Little World tells the story of a young Deaf woman called Beth. Now an adult, she visits the crumbling old Deaf school where she grew up, and remembers fondly how it shaped her.

September 11 | 1.30 min
September 11 is a personal account of the effects of September 11, 2001 on a young Deaf Muslim teenager, who faces racism from both inside and outside the Deaf community, making her question her faith.

£8.00 Tickets will be available from the Genesis Cinema here

We Are The Freaks

A funny, moving and timely portrait of youthful hopelessness in the late Thatcher years. Justin Edgar’s witty drama sees Jack, who dreams of escaping his unfulfilling factory job, meet the talented, well to do Elinor. Heading off on a journey into the night, they pick up two eccentric friends and come into contact with rave culture, youthful rebellion and dangerous drug dealers. This is a punchy evocation of a dying counterculture, featuring a brilliant contemporary soundtrack and a roll call of recognisable faces from Skins and This Is England.

£8.00 Tickets available from the Genesis Cinema website here.

We Ain’t Stupid

EEFF 2012 Short Film Audience Award winner, Mitch Panayis, makes his documentary feature debut with We Ain’t Stupid. In the light of local development, and not least the Olympics, Panayis interviews the stallholders at Queen’s Market, West Ham, to get an insight into the changing nature of their trade in a timely examination of a fading culture.

£5.00 Tickets available from the Stratford Picturehouse website here.

Best Documentary Feature Competition 

War Matters

A chronicle of anti-war resistance and protest in London over the past decade, Chester Yang’s film follows the story of Brian Haw, the veteran peace campaigner who occupied Parliament Square from 2001 up until his death in 2011. His legal battle with the UK authorities were the stuff of headlines, as the Labour government introduced new laws to try and evict him and his supporters and restricted the right to protest in the capital. An insightful exploration of what it means to live in a democracy.

Screening with Tony Benn: Will & Testament (dir. Skip Kite, 30 mins, Special Feature Documentary Work In Progress Preview)

£8.00 Tickets will be available from Genesis Cinema website here

Best Documentary Feature Competition 

Una Noche

Many young Cubans dream of escaping to the imagined paradise of Havana. When confident and rambunctious Raul is accused of assault, he decides that the time is right to make the 90-mile trip. Enlisting his best friend Elio, who brings his precocious sister along, they begin to make their dangerous and illegal journey through Cuba – a journey involving an unspoken love triangle that will change their lives forever. British director Lucy Mulloy, mentored by Spike Lee, makes the rare step of making her debut overseas and not in the English language, and comes up with an utterly convincing portrait.


£10.50 (Online) £11.50 (Door) Tickets available from the Barbican Cinema here

EEFF Best Feature Competition 

Tik and the Turkey

The townships in the suburbs of Cape Town, SA are blighted by the highly addictive, heroin-based ‘unga,’ which is mixed with cleaning detergents; and the Crystal Meth known locally as ‘tik.’ Slowly crippling the population, Lainey Richardson’s debut documentary follows 27 year old, party girl addict Analese, and her 25 year old childhood friend Trevino, who is struggling to hold his family together, having lied about his heroin addiction until he was married. The Tik and the Turkey is the human face of an abandoned community facing a drug abuse epidemic.

Tik and the Turkey screens as part of the EEFF’s Documentary Afternoon on Sunday 30 June.

£10 Tickets will be available from the Rio Cinema website here.

Best Documentary Feature Competition