Shorts: Shooting Blanks

From the ‘impotence’ of a police marksman to a deranged primal scream therapy session, these films probe, poke and prick at the inflated egos, the tribalism and the inherent paranoia of masculine one-upmanship.

Alpha Beta
UK | Tom Hemmings | 10 min

Lenny, a man in an extremely macho job – police marksman – has never discharged his weapon away from the firing range. But, he has bigger problems… He’s stopped firing his weapon at home and Martin, his alpha partner reckons a hunting trip is what’s needed to man Lenny up.

A Six and Two Threes
UK | Andy Berriman | 13 min | @623Film

Two boys from different sides of the tracks meet when one goes in search of his father. Over the course of the day they realise they might have more in common than they think.

UK | Eddie Bolger | 17 min

Guts is a black comedy on universal themes: the need to please, culinary hygiene, and meat.

UK | Nev Pierce | 10 min | @bricksfilm

When a stockbroker hires a rough builder to renovate the wine cellar beneath his country home, the two men fall out with violent consequences.

UK | Tom Marshall | 13 min

Welcome to dark_net!

Dilip’s Castle
UK | Manos Ioannou | 19 min

Dilip’s Castle is the story of Sidney. He runs away from home after he finds out that his wife had an affair. Already on a destructive path, with a rapacious thirst for alcohol, he treads through the night and he discovers that what lurks in the dark is far worse than infidelity.

UK | Simon Cartwright | 11 min | @MANOMANfilm

When Glen attends primal scream class, he releases something from deep within that knows no limits.

The Bathtub
Austria, Germany | Tim Ellrich | 13 min

One Bathtub – Three Brothers – Many Splashes! Three brothers try to diveback into their childhood through an old family picture in the bathtub.

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