Shorts: The Road Least Travelled

Our lives are mapped out by the journeys we take—some lead us on an adventure, whilst others take us to the grave.

China, Nepal, South Korea, UK | Asmita Shrish, Fateme Ahmadi | 15 min

Seven-years-old, Chandra walks through earthquake-hit Kathmandu with his grandfather, to visit his mother and newborn sibling in hospital. What awaits them at the end ?

UK | David Slade, Gemma Addy | 5 min

A young woman tries to right a terrible wrong.

UK | Rene Pannevis | 15 min

Russell and Waylen jack a car, the wrong car, will they do the right thing?

One Man
Canada | Philippe Gregoire | 13 min

An 80-year-old man follows the traces left by a car accident.

Boris in The Forest
UK | Robert Hackett | 13 min | @borisforest

A black comedy about a Californian geek in search of his horror hero Boris Karloff.’A weird and wonderful pilgrimage with a sting in the tale.’ Josie Lawrence, actress and comedienne.

UK | Rhiannon Evans | 8 min

A short, stop motion animation using illuminated puppets.

Holy Thursday
UK | Moin Hussain | 14 min

A young paperboy crosses paths with a minister, a widowerand a drifter on a fateful morning in the flatlands of Eastern England in this often unnerving, nonlinear glimpse of daily life.

Kosovo, USA, UK | Daniel Mulloy | 20 min

As thousands of men, women and children attempt to get into Europe, a comfortable English family sets out on what appears to be a holiday. Starring Jack O’ Connell.

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