Shorts: Rebel Girl

This programme focuses on female protagonists – young and young at heart – from around the world. An Iranian school pupil learns about dress codes through the ages and a trailblazing World War I heroine is celebrated. Homegrown bullies and Spanish bankers are faced down, while an Indian street kid, French-Canadian cake vendor and mixed-race rude girl each hold their own.

One Thousand & One Teardrops
UK | Fateme Ahmadi |17 min

A Small Dot On The Western Front
UK | AD Cooper | 8 min

UK | Nida Manzoor | 14 min

Trato Preferente (Preferential Treatment)
Spain | Carlos Polo | 3 min

India/USA | Puja Maewal | 19 min

La Guerre Des Bleuets (The War Of The Blueberries)
Canada | Anik Salas | 13 min

UK | Alexander Thomas | 25 min

Tickets available from the Genesis Cinema website here.

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