Shorts: Phantoms

Creepy tales of supernatural unease sit alongside politicised expressions of the lost, the disposed and those that have fallen through the cracks in our society.

The Third Dad
UK | Theresa Moerman Ib | 10 min | @TheThirdDad

A daughter’s journey to find her estranged father’s grave.

The Lights
UK | Kieran Grant, Lucy Barrick | 11 min

An electrician answers a call-out in the dead of night and is drawn into the bizarre and melancholy world of a man haunted by Christmas. Can he fix the lights, or is the darkness in the house best left alone?

All’s Well
UK | Christian Kinde | 13 min

All’s Well a short film about a soldier returning from Afghanistan.

Italy | Nicola Ragone | 19 min

A train, a trip, a destination.Two strangers start to look each other while travelling in a couch of a train.Cold, pain, farewell. Arrived at the destination one of them is chosen to be a labourer of the Death in a Nazi concentration camp, a Sonderkommando.

UK | Jo Lewis | 11 min

A young woman travels to a remote beach side cabin in an attempt to finally quit her heroin habit.

UK | Dean Anderson | 7 min

A mother struggling to come to terms with the recent death of her teenage son, becomes fixated with a local boy due to his uncanny resemblance.

UK | Aimee Powell | 14 min | @driftfilm

Drift is a Southern Gothic for the Britain of austerity and UKIP. It depicts the trafficking of vulnerable homeless immigrants for forced labour and is inspired by a case which came to court in Luton in 2012. It is about agency and how we can come to accept the unacceptable.

UK | somebody nobody | 15 min

JUS SOLI opens up a discourse on the Black British experience; interrupting the emotional transition between generations and questioning what it means to be British.

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