Shorts: Learning Curve

A teens’ life is wrought by internal conflict and tempestuous emotions; one minute you’re giddy on the spontaneity of life, the next you’re blindsided by the dervish of hormones raging inside you.

UK | Chris Andrews | 14 min

An encounter in an unfamiliar environment challenges the identity of a volatile young man.

Little Soldier
UK | Stella Corradi | 15 min

Anya lives and cares for her mother, Amanda. When Derek threatens to come between them, 10 year old Anya takes matters into her own hands in order to protect her home. 

UK | Anwar Boulifa | 15 min

Boy meets world.

UK| Brady Hood | 20 min

On a barren farm in rural England, a headstrong young girl fights to keep her fading Grandfather as the giant he once was, and in doing so becomes a giant herself.

Take Your Partners
UK | Siri Rodnes | 11 min

Ollie is no ordinary 8 year old boy, but nor will she ever be the girl convention expects of her.

Two Dollar Bill
USA | Hannah Marks | 13 min

Teenage roommates Greta and Harper are thrown into turmoil when Frankie visits on Halloween.

UK | Toa Stappard | 14 min

South London. It’s four in the morning.A man tries to save the one he loves.

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