Shorts: Everybody Dance

Presented in conjunction with BalletBoyz, our dedicated dance programme will thrill lovers of fancy footwork. These six films move gracefully from sun-kissed Lisbon to nighttime New York, via awkward grooves at a Brixton wedding and fiercely struck poses in a Bethnal Green boxing club. There’s a feast of creative choreography from New Orleans, before we shuffle back to the streets of London’s East End.

Sing The Sand Into Pearls
UK/Portugal | Raquel Claudino | 13 min

USA | Charly Wenzel | 3 min

A Moment To Move
UK | Georgia Parris | 20 min

UK | Joseph Wilson | 4 min

Le Pain
USA | Meryl Murman | 43 min

UK | Mariana Conde | 3 min

Tickets available from the Genesis Cinema website here.

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