Shorts: Dig Me Out

Nine tales of characters stuck in a tight spot. These tricky situations feature a reluctant guest, an incomprehensible environment, troubling neighbours, a woman confronting her past, loss of hearing, a suspicious receptacle, future dystopia, a vegan feminist horror scenario and extreme vehicular irritation. What would you do in our protagonists’ place?

The Box
UK | Deva Palmier | 16 min

Tunnel Another Way
Ireland | Jon Kiel | 7 min

Listen To Me
UK | Rob Ayling | 10 min

USA | Lauren Smitelli | 14 min

Any Other Sense
UK | James Tyler | 12 min

UK | Sarah Kempton | 5 min

Better Than Tomorrow
UK | Eui Jeong Hong | 14 min

The Herd
UK | Melanie Light | 20 min

The Fly
UK | Olly Williams | 6 min

Tickets available from the Genesis Cinema website here.

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