Soho Cigarette

Director: Jonathan Fairbairn

Year: 2013

Country: UK

Running time: 93min

Location / Venue: Genesis

Date: 15/06

Time: 6.00 PM

A young Italian man working as a tour guide for Rock’n Roll sightseeing trips around central London is inspired by his friend Luc, a sommelier with a conveyor-belt of girlfriends. Imagining himself as a modern day Henry VIII, things start to go wrong for Dee when his girlfriend, a street wise girl with a bag snatching habit, throws him out. He then spends all his money on a classic Mercedes, only to find out the daughter of the previous owner died on the backseat. Things then begin to slide even further in this cool, off-kilter debut from director Jonathan Fairbairn, a graduate of the EEFF’s MIND THE GAP industry programme in 2013. 

Tickets available from the Genesis Cinema website here.

Characters from the film can be found in a break out series of shorts films currently being released one a month at


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