White Shadow

Director: Noaz Deshe

Year: 2013

Country: Taznania, Germany, Italy

Running time: 117min

Premiere type: UK

Location / Venue: Hackney Picturehouse

Date: 18/06

Time: 6 PM

In Tanzania, witch doctors believe that albino body parts bring health, posterity and cures for dangerous illnesses. Within this environment is young albino boy Alias, who witnesses his father’s murder and is promptly sent to the city, where he lives with his uncle Kosmos, and becomes a hustling young businessman, selling DVDs and mobile phones. But despite some happy moments, not least potentially falling in love, Alias is locked in a fight for survival. An involving, often terrifying exploration of folk religion playing on vulnerability, Noaz Deshe’s phenomenal debut feature (Executive Produced by one Ryan Gosling) intersperses handheld realism with moments of dream like, transcendent escape. In doing so, it evokes a world that is all too real: where anywhere between $500 and $5000 is paid for an albino limb, in a country where the annual average income is $400. A powerful, dramatic vision of East Africa, where “albinos don’t die, they just disappear”.

Screening will be followed by a Q&A with the director.

Tickets available from the Hackney Picturehouse website here.


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