One Rogue Reporter

Director: Rich Peppiatt, Tom Jenkinson

Year: 2014

Country: British

Running time: 55min

Premiere type: London

Location / Venue: Rio

Date: 21/06

Time: 4 PM

Recovering tabloid hack Rich Peppiatt has fallen out with the rag trade, it’s safe to say. Having mercilessly turned on the tabloid industry during the Leveson Inquiry, accusing the industry of both Islamaphobia and fitting the facts to match the story, here he turns his hand to filmmaking, in One Rogue Reporter  he delivers a mercilessly satirical dissection of his former trade. Turning the tables on unscrupulous newspaper bosses, he lampoons the hypocrisy and dishonesty of his former employers through a series of mischievous stunts and interviews with heavyweights from the worlds of journalism, film, comedy and politics. A brilliant, searing and very funny exposé, featuring names such as Steve Coogan and Kelvin Mackenzie. 

Tickets available from the Rio website here.


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