Metalhead (Málmhaus)

Director: Ragnar Bragason

Year: 2014

Country: Iceland

Running time: 97min

Premiere type: London

Location / Venue: Rich Mix

Date: 15/06

Time: 6.30 PM

Born on the floor of her parent’s cowshed in 1970 just as Black Sabbath were giving birth to heavy metal, Hera leads a happy childhood until her older brother is killed in a farming accident. Blaming herself for the tragedy, she takes on her brother’s love for metal, yearning for escape and a life playing music. Playing guitar at her brother’s grave, and visiting the bus stop leading out of town but never leaving, her life seems to be on hold until a group of fans arrive having somehow gotten hold of one of her tapes, and everything begins to change. A charming, funny tale of cows, snowy mountains and hard rock.

Tickets available from the Rich Mix website here.


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