Shorts: Running in the Family

Running time: 98min

Location / Venue: Genesis

Date: 08/07

Time: 9:00 PM

It’s all relative! Familial matters are viewed through a wide lens in this dramatic selection, showcasing an estranged dad, a not-so-grown-up mother and daughter, a child of divorce and an inspiring surrogate parent. Other stories spotlight a bizarre brother-sister combo, twins separated by space and time, young siblings left alone plus, of course, a beloved family pet.

Don’t Blame Us Cos We’re Famous!
UK | Amelia Hashemi | 13 min

The Nocebo Effect
UK | Clare Macdonald | 9 min

UK | Gina Kawecka | 8 min

UK | Paul Frankl | 14 min

UK/France | Dee Meaden | 25 min

Sugarless Tea
USA | Sai Selvarajan | 5 min

Three Brothers
UK | Aleem Khan | 17 min

If I Could Talk
USA | Shawn Welling | 7 min

Tickets available from the Genesis Cinema website here.


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