Programme 2015 (in alphabetical order)

All screenings and events are for over 18s unless otherwise stated

3 ½ Minutes, Ten Bullets (Closing Night...

dir. Marc Silver

Premiere type: London

12/07    7:00 PM

British director Marc Silver (Who is Dayani Cristal?, EEFF 2014) returns with a documentary for the age of Ferguson and Baltimore. On Black Friday 2012 (the day after Thanksgiving), four ...


Above & Below

dir. Nicolas Steiner

Premiere type: London

09/07    8:45 PM

Nicolas Steiner’s documentary is about living way, way out there “from Mars to Earth, and beneath its crust”. Five survivors hustle their way through a world that feels apocalyptic: Rick, ...


Amy + Asif Kapadia Q&A

dir. Asif Kapadia

02/07    8:00 PM

The story of the tragically departed five-time Grammy-winner Amy Winehouse, Asif Kapadia’s follow up to Senna is another tense, whirlwind tale of a superstar’s rise and fall. Working exclusively with ...


Anarchist Rabbi, The

dir. Adam Kossoff

05/07    2:00 PM

This experimental doc follows in the footsteps of Rudolf Rocker, an anarchist who campaigned with London’s East End Jewish migrants 100 years ago. Steven Berkoff narrates Rocker's ghost, who has ...


Anniversary, The + Vikingar

dir. Valerie Buhagiar

Premiere type: European

07/07    6:30 PM

On the morning of their 20th wedding anniversary, Teresa's husband Sam goes for a run, and keeps on running. Hosting a dinner to celebrate the day, Teresa carries on regardless. ...


Anti-social Worker + Fulfillment

dir. Matt Hopkins

Premiere type: World

04/07    1:30 PM

Narrated by Ras Kwame, this is a candid portrait of six nocturnal workers in a city that never sleeps. Spotlighting a baker, locksmith, club concierge, shelter supervisor and blood biker, ...


Aspie Seeks Love + Confidential...

dir. Julie Sokolow

Premiere type: European

02/07    6:30 PM

Julie Sokolow’s first documentary feature tells the story of a fearless outsider who has been searching for love longer than many of us have been alive. David Matthews was diagnosed with ...


Astraea + Keep Moving

dir. Kristjan Thor

Premiere type: European

03/07    6:30 PM

Set in a near-silent future America, Kristjan Thor’s post-apocalyptic drama follows a telepathic teenage girl and her brother on a 5000 mile trek into the snowbound wilderness of Maine, as ...


Athens Now

Whitechapel Gallery Saturday 4 July, 1.45pm For more information and to book tickets click here.  A symposium of radical film from contemporary Greece. Athens NOW is a programme of film routed in and responding to the humanitarian ...



dir. Jan-Willem van Ewijk

Premiere type: UK

12/07    3:30 PM

Atlantic tells the story of Fettah's search for discovery and renewal during one fateful summer, as tourists from Europe and the US flock to Fettah's village to ride the perfect ...