Railway Redemption

Director: Santiago Posada

Year: 2012

Country: UK / Sri-Lanka

Running time: 35min

Premiere type: European

Location / Venue: Rio

Date: 30/06

Time: 1550

East London-based filmmaker Santiago Posada travels to Sri Lanka, and unearths a story with unusual resonance as a seventy year-old busker makes a final journey home. Hearing that his brother is dying, Vijay decides to face up to his past and confront his family, with whom he has had no contact for twenty-five years due to his alcoholism and death of his mother. Taking stylistic direction from its subject’s personality, the result is a moving, dignified portrait of belonging and troubled pasts.

Railway Redemption screens as part of the EEFF’s Documentary Afternoon on Sunday 30 June.

£10.00 Tickets will be available from the Rio Cinema website here.

Best Documentary Feature Competition 


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