Director: Jazmín López

Year: 2012

Country: Argentina / France / Netherlands

Running time: 83 min

Premiere type: UK

Location / Venue: Rich Mix

Date: 04/07

Time: 9.00pm

Jazmín López’s captivating debut feature is an elliptical meditation on social frameworks, human nature and the desperation to escape a mapped-out future. Five young friends descend into the forest. They immerse themselves in word games, play and seduction. Mysterious and elemental, López’s debut owes much to Borges and earns her comparisons with Terrence Malick, Gaspar Noe and, in the use of that auteur’s Steadicam operator, Gus Van Sant.

Followed by a Q&A with director Jazmín López.

Tickets available from the Rich Mix Cinema website here.

Tickets for the Sunday 7th July showing available from the Genesis cinema website here.


EEFF Best Feature Competition 



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