East End Film Festival 2016

Programme (in alphabetical order)

All screenings and events are for over 18s unless otherwise stated

A Punters Prayer_th

A Punter’s Prayer

dir. Savvas D. Michael

Premiere type: European

24/06    9:00 PM

The bet of a lifetime takes centre stage in A Punter’s Prayer, a wry North London-set dramedy about getting by, dreaming big and rolling the dice. Jack (Tommy O’Neill) is ...

A River - Preferred_th

A River

dir. Anthony Tombling Jr

Premiere type: World

03/07    5:00 PM

From a precarious past to an uncertain future. A River explores the River Afan’s polluted past and its miraculous recovery, while also focusing on the current battle of locals and ...

Adult Life Skills_PREFERRED 1_th

Adult Life Skills

dir. Rachel Tunnard

Premiere type: London

24/06    6:30 PM

This witty, moving debut finds Anna (a career-best Jodie Whittaker) hiding out in her mum’s garden shed. Making hilarious home movies, her isolation is a coping mechanism in the face ...



dir. Ian Bonhôte

Premiere type: World

23/06    7:00 PM

Every year, the East End Film Festival seeks to champion the most exciting, distinctive new films from first and second time directors. Seeking the irrepressible creativity and energy that comes ...

ALOYS by Tobias Noelle / Georg Friedrich as Aloys
©Hugofilm / Simon Guy Faessler


dir. Tobias Nolle

Premiere type: London

24/06    9:15 PM

A lonely, reclusive private investigator is pulled into the world of ‘telephone walking’ when a mysterious woman steals his surveillance tapes in Aloys, Tobias Nölle's gloriously mad debut feature. Exploring ...

And Then I Was French_th

And Then I Was French

dir. Claire Leona Apps

Premiere type: World

29/06    9:00 PM

A thriller about a young woman’s journey of self-discovery, that takes a dangerous direction as she struggles to escape the agony of unrequited love. Cara is a massage student, tucked ...

AsIOpenMyEyes- - PREFERRED_th

As I Open My Eyes

dir. Leyla Bouzid

Premiere type: UK

30/06    8:45 PM

Tunisia in the months leading up to the Jasmine Revolution provides the backdrop to As I Open My Eyes, a tale of rebellious youth and rock n’ roll. Eighteen year ...

Author_ the JT Leroy Story_th

Author: The JT Leroy Story

dir. Jeff Feuerzeig

25/06    3:00 PM

One of the greatest scandals ever to envelop the literary world, the unmasking of “it boy” author Jeremiah ‘Terminator’ Leroy by New York magazine in 2005 is the type of ...



dir. Can Evrenol

25/06    11:00 PM

A squad of unsuspecting cops plunge through a trapdoor - to a Hell created from their nightmares and darkest secrets - when they stumble upon a Black Mass in an ...



dir. Jan Hillman

Premiere type: World

27/06    9:00 PM

An intimate portrait of friendship, love triangles and home furnishings, Jan Hillman’s debut feature follows the journey of three friends across London. Transporting a couch to its new home, this ...