How Did It Come To This?

Delving into the human tendencies that set us on a path to destruction or perhaps even salvation. Some path’s are put before us by others and some we ultimately choose to go down ourselves. From a bitter argument on a Scandinavian football pitch to a persecuted Ballet dancer in a Nazi Concentration camp, each story is fraught with danger, detachment and drama. 

Programmed by Tom Geoffrey


Life Sentence

UK | Ray Panthaki | 20 min

Fore Finalen

Sweden | Adi Omanovic | 9 min


Brazil | Emilia Londero | 14 min

South Platte

USA | Gaston Yvorra | 14 min

A Cake For Mabel

UK | Jane McGee | 15 min

The Ellington Kid

UK | Dan Sulley | 6 min

Dancing in the Ashes

UK | Nick Rowland | 18 min

£8.00 Tickets will be available from the Genesis Cinema website here

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