Come And Go As One Pleases

The concept of exile has changed; in modern society exile has become a feeling. This selection aims to give an overview of the exile seen from different points of view. From conflicts between first and second generations of immigrants to the feeling of discomfort of not being able to be understood and the struggle to find any kind of dodge to not feel alone.

Programmed by Angelica Riccardi



UK | Florah Uddin | 14 min


UK | Florinda Frisardi | 10 min

Dundas Street

Canada | Sofia Bohdanowicz & Joanna Durkalec | 9 min

Six Letters Word

USA | Lisanne Sartor | 17 min

Acoustic Memory

UK | Henry Butcher | 5 min


UK | Ollie Verschoyle | 6 min


UK | Jo Hewer | 11 min

The Undream

UK | Alexander Thomas | 18 min

£6.50 Tickets


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    Hi, where do I buy tickets?

    1. admin Reply

      You can buy tickets directly from the cinema, either via the website or on the phone. Hope to see you there!

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