One Night In Powder

Kevin Powder wants to throw the most fashionable, farcical night that London has ever seen. A wide boy chancer turned club promoter, he is a hilarious, clownish character used to bullshitting his way through life. On a last ditch effort to find fame and fortune, he even names the night after himself, in this hilarious tribute to British eccentricity, shot in and around Dalston, East London. 

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Best Documentary Feature Competition 

Richard Pryor: Omit The Logic

Eight years after the death of perhaps the world’s greatest stand up comedian, this is a timely insight into a legendary and controversial figure. Featuring contributions from Whoopi Goldberg and Robin Williams, Marina Zenovich follows the brilliant Roman Polanski:Odd Man Out with another delve into the mind of a troubled genus. From an Illinois upbringing, to his highly controversial, expletive-ridden routines and a television and film career that constantly veered between triumph and disaster, Pryor was blighted by depression, substance abuse and accusations of domestic violence – as well as the famous incident in which he set himself on fire, and this is the definitive cinematic statement on the man.

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Best Documentary Feature Competition 

Miss Lovely

Set in the seedy, grimey world of India’s so called ‘C grade’ Hindi film industry of the 1980s, Ashim Ahluwalia’s debut feature is another myth-busting film from the new wave of Indian directors. Following in the footsteps of the likes of Gandu and Gangs of Wasseypur, Ahluwalia challenges preconceptions of Indian cinema with a trawl through his country’s  underground exploitation film scene, spinning a yarn of two film producer brothers (Wasseypur’s Nawazuddin Siddiqui, and Anil George) whose prolific output of trashy cinema is threatened by the arrival of Pinky (Niharika Singh), a struggling actress who is more than meets the eye. A visually ravishing evocation of an era taking in sleazy hotels, abandoned warehouses, damaged wannabe stars and movie loving gangsters, this decade-spanning tragedy has been touted as its country’s answer to P.T. Anderson’s Boogie Nights. It deserves the accolade. 

EEFF Best Feature Competition 

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The eventful and tragic story of Linda Lovelace’s rise to fame and her subsequent reinvention is a powerful account of modern celebrity in this superb Hollywood biopic by Rob Epstein and Jeffrey Friedman (Howl). Lovelace, who became the most famous adult actress of the 1970s – thanks to the success of Deep Throat – was plagued by a difficult upbringing, an abusive marriage and a desire to move on from her past. Linda Lovelace, played by Amanda Seyfried is supported by Sharon Stone, Peter Sarsgaard, James Franco, and Juno Temple. 

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Lost In The Other

There are often more questions than answers in this programme of fantastic, mysterious and sometimes twisted short films that blur the line between fantasy and reality.

Programmed by Christopher Smith



USA | Niav Conty | 4 min


Canada | Philippe Gregoire | 14 min


UK, France | Tom Smith, Jose Salazar | 13 min

Lot 254

UK | Toby Meakins | 3 min

Future Inc

UK | Martin Stirling | 5 min

Acoustic Levitation Through Vocal Discharge

UK | Ghin Liew | 2 min

Signalbox #100

UK | James Gunn | 11 min

Cold Turkey

USA, Iceland | Fannar Thor Arnarsson | 14 min

Baby, I Love You

USA | Faiyaz Jafri | 2 min

Dog Boy

UK | Jessica Townsend | 15 min

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Jazmín López’s captivating debut feature is an elliptical meditation on social frameworks, human nature and the desperation to escape a mapped-out future. Five young friends descend into the forest. They immerse themselves in word games, play and seduction. Mysterious and elemental, López’s debut owes much to Borges and earns her comparisons with Terrence Malick, Gaspar Noe and, in the use of that auteur’s Steadicam operator, Gus Van Sant.

Followed by a Q&A with director Jazmín López.

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EEFF Best Feature Competition 


The Last Time I Saw Macao

A narrator recounts his return to the ex-Portuguese gambling colony of Macao in search of a missing friend. Rodrigues and Rui (To Die Like A Man) return with a glorious documentary/fiction hybrid that takes in film noir, post colonial guilt and the sensory overload of the city – with a knockout lip-syncing opening dance number, and numerous diversions into reveries of time and memory to boot. Not just one of the year’s best films, but a thriller unlike any other

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Best Documentary Feature Competition 


Three people with nothing in common except the experience of a recent trauma in their lives, decide to leave Tokyo and live together in a deserted inn by the sea. Kuro, a madcap free spirit, is fired from the bakery, Eito, a photographer, has just  broken up with his fiancé and Gou, a theatre director, had his production thrown into jeopardy when the lead actress dropped out. Full of glorious imagery and off the wall moments that include a running game of virtual tennis along a picturesque veranda, Kuro is a gloriously fun, idiosyncratic celebration of the joys of escape.

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EEFF Best Feature Competition 

In The Name Of

Acclaimed Polish director Malgoska Szumowska (Elles) returns with a powerful melodrama on a hot button issue. Adam is a Catholic priest living in a small village, working with teenagers with behavioural issues. However, when he meets Łukasz, he is plunged into turmoil. Boldly using imagery from Christ’s Passion, Szumowska’s film is an unflinching look at a timely topic.

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Having worked extensively in documentary, Barbeau-Lavalette’ creates an intense reality around a heartrending human story. A young Canadian doctor’s experience monitoring pregnant women in a Palestinain refugee camp brings her into contact with a French colleague, an Israeli soldier, and the resistance fighter with whom she falls in love. Recoiling and eventually internalising the harshness of a life spent between checkpoints and stray bullets, Inch‘Allah is a convincing portrait of those who spend their lives torn between the two sides of the Israeli/Palestinian conflict.

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EEFF Best Feature Competition