3 ½ Minutes, Ten Bullets (Closing Night Gala)

British director Marc Silver (Who is Dayani Cristal?, EEFF 2014) returns with a documentary for the age of Ferguson and Baltimore. On Black Friday 2012 (the day after Thanksgiving), four boys in a red SUV became embroiled in an argument with the man in the car next to theirs after he asked them to turn their music down. Just three and a half minutes later, one of the boys was dead. Dissecting the fallout of a terrible tragedy this is riveting, timely cinema, and an important contribution to the debate around the issue of how much black lives actually matter in America.

Followed by a Q&A. 3 1/2 Minutes, Ten Bullets is the Closing Night Gala of EEFF 2015. for more details, click here
Tickets available from the Genesis Cinema website here.


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